Myths that Keep You Broke #20

Myth #20 - I Can’t Afford It:   

​Many people live with either/or thinking. This idea really goes hand-in-hand with your thinking about what you can, and cannot afford. What I will discuss here, is about the thinking that you cannot support yourself and donate to charity.

When you feel you can’t afford to donate to charity you are operating with a scarcity mindset. I can’t explain how it works, but when I made my first big donation to Shelter To Soldier, it was as though the universe said to me, “Oh, you like to donate to charity. Here, have more money.”

I know there are religions that have their followers tithe on a regular basis. I can’t speak about what happens for others, only what happened for me.

Quickly, after I set up my Wealth On Any Income coaching program, I decided to donate 100% of the profits to charity, specifically to This organization saves two lives at a time.

Let me explain: Many of the soldiers who are protecting and defending the United States in very dangerous parts of the world come home with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). And they do not get the level of support from our Veterans Administration system to overcome this trauma. The result is that almost every hour of every day a returning soldier commits suicide.

When it comes to dogs, these animals that have a purpose in life; whether it is to be a loving pet, a working animal, or a service dog, they are euthanized by the thousands daily. rescues dogs from shelters, or off the street, and if they meet the size and personality requirements to be a service dog, they are trained over a period of 12 to 14 months, and paired with a soldier that the VA certifies to have a service dog. Then the soldier and dog are trained together.

Unfortunately, the VA expects the soldier to buy their service dog and they can cost $25-$30,000 each. How can a soldier who can barely function in civilian life, who may be home-bound, who may stutter so badly they cannot communicate with their own family, be expected to buy a dog for $25,000?

So provides the trained dog and trains the soldier for free. And they are cost-effective: For $15,000 they house the dog, feed the dog, train the dog, pay for veterinary care, pay the trainers, and house and train the soldier to use their dog most effectively.

My first donation was $1000. My next donation was $12,000. My next donation was $15,000 and my next donation was $30,000. For some reason the more money I donated, the more money that came into my life. As I said, I can’t explain it.

Also, I cannot explain how electricity works. But if I want to turn on the light in a room, I know how to flip a switch and get light. I don’t need to know how electricity makes a light work; all I need to know is how to turn it on. It seems to operate the same way with donating to charity. The more I donate, the more money flows into my life. I no longer have the conversation that I cannot afford it.

If you are interested in donating more money to some charity that is important to you, and you want to learn how to handle money more powerfully and create wealth, ​click here.

To Your Prosperity,