Myths that Keep You Broke #30

Myth #30 - It’s Too Late:   

This is Myth #30 in the series and the last one. It is also the opposite of the attitude wealthy people have that it is never too late.

While on a brief vacation to Santa Barbara with my wife, we went to a thrift store, which we both enjoy. My large Hawaiian shirt collection has many from thrift stores. Anyway, while in this thrift store, I stumbled across an old book by David Bach, Start Late, Finish Rich.

In this book Mr. Bach says the same thing in about 330 pages; that it is never too late to start on the road to financial abundance.
My friend, Ralf, is one example of the concept; it is never too late. He was only divorced once when we first met around 1992, in a course, through Landmark Education. Later we both coached business owners through a course called the Entrepreneurial Edge.

Ralf sold his manufacturing business to a large national company in exchange for $1 million in stock, and the company later went bankrupt, and his stock was worthless. Ralf went through another marriage and divorced after about ten years. At age 65 his net worth was a negative $250,000. That is a quarter of a million dollars LESS than zero.

But Ralf has a great attitude and is a great business coach. He continued to work, and focused on rebuilding his net worth, which is now over one million dollars.

I’ve written about this often, I started over from broke at age 50, and within a few years was worth a few million dollars, and it continues to grow. This is how I can donate 100% of the profits from my book and online work to the charity Shelter To Soldier.

One of the people in my course is 66, and he is now learning for the first time how to get control over his money. My team continues to get emails from him on how fabulous this is, that for the first time in his life he is building a net worth.

Another course participant is 70, and after going through a bankruptcy he and his wife have been able to buy their own house.

Another participant is about 65. She had been funding her business from credit cards and is now able to generate a profit from her business instead.

The point is that myths, like, it’s too late, or you’re too old, or too young, or not smart enough, are just that: MYTHS. These myths are no more true than the moon is made of green cheese.

What myths have you been telling yourself?

To Your Prosperity,