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Cash Call Mortgage

Lately you may have heard commercials for Cash Call Mortgage touting how easy it is to borrow money. A lady says she needs to replace her roof, and she asks, “Can you help me?” A man says he got a new job but will not get a paycheck for a month and asks, “Can you help me?”

Of course the answer is yes, and they say things like, “We can loan you the money your need, because we trust you. Go ahead and borrow money for cash flow just like the big corporations do.”

This is so deceptive and dishonest. To advertise to someone who did not have the sense or ability to set aside enough money to last ONE STINKING MONTH and compare him or her to big corporations borrowing money for cash flow is ridiculous.

However, these commercials don’t surprise me since 90% of the population has been taught nothing about how to handle money effectively, or do a personal budget, or a balance sheet, or an income and expense form, or even how to save for emergencies.

The problem is the burden of interest costs because people lack the knowledge. And these companies take advantage of that.

In an email last week I said that I completed the 9 Days to Financial Freedom recorded program and it covers how to get of credit card debt forever.

It also contains:

  • How to Create Your Empowering Money Beliefs
  • The Three Secrets of the Wealthy
  • What to Own to be Wealthy
  • How to Spend Your Way to Wealth and Abundance
  • The 5000 Year Old Secret of the Wealthy
  • Highly Lucrative Investment Secrets
  • The No Fail Six Leg Support Structure
  • How to Find More of Your Ideal Clients
  • How to easily get referrals in only two sentences
  • Insights on creating wealth through real estate AND MORE

As I introduce the course to my list, the investment will be $497 one time. You will also continue to get access to all upgraded and improved material AND, AND GET THIS, LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS WITH ME PERSONALLY FOR 12 MONTHS.

After the introductory period ends in February, the investment will be $997, so if you are interested, don’t wait. Email me if you are interested or want more information. By next week I expect to have a sales page on the website.

To your wealth,


More money does not create wealth

First: Happy New Year to Everyone.

Second: For this coming year, please realize that before you make more money to create wealth, you must first control expenses.

Then as more money flows in you will be able to save and invest the extra money. Otherwise more money will come in; you will increase your standard of living; and you have nothing to show for the additional money that came in.

If you are already living beyond your income, it is likely NOT your fault. I have been consulting and coaching people on their money for over 40 years and found the root causes of failure to be the following:

  1. You have not been taught in school how to handle money effectively.
  2. Your parents did not teach you, and it is NOT their fault. They cannot teach what they did not learn.
  3. The professionals you turn to have also NOT been taught how to do a personal budget so they can’t teach you either.

How do I know? I have asked thousands of people where they learned how to handle money effectively both when I met with people one-on-one and when I did large group presentations (like for Toyota Motors, American National Insurance, or the FBI).

As a CFP® I already knew Certified Financial Planners were not taught how to budget nor teach their clients how to budget. The most upsetting to me was to find that not even Certified Public Accountants had anything in their course work about personal budgeting. And I helped some of them through bankruptcy.

I struggled for years to learn what to do for myself; read book after book; and that is how the Wealth On Any Income System was created. Now that I no longer have to work for a living I have made it my mission to teach others, and send 100% of the profits to charity.

My recorded Wealth On Any Income program is now complete; I made it affordable; and it will have live group monthly coaching calls with me personally as a part of the program. If you are interested, just send me an email here.

Have a prosperous New Year.



The new tax law

If you live in the United States, you might want to read how the wealthy will get more tax benefits than the middle class now that the tax reform bill has been signed into law. This is a BIG Christmas present to Donald Trump.

While this tax law benefits me because of how I am set up, that does not mean I am pleased at how the middle class will be paying the tab. Despite paying more in income taxes than what I used to earn, I was still doing just fine under the old tax law.

The following link goes to the best summary of 34 provisions of the new tax law in the simplest language I have found:

Announcement: This is big news for me personally and I hope for you as well;

9 Days to Financial Freedom, Wealth On Any Income System is now recorded and going through the editing process. It will be released in January 2018 and includes monthly live coaching calls with me.

I will provide more details in a later email, but if you have questions now about pricing, or timing, or content then just send a reply email.

Merry Christmas, and now go spend time with family or friends.



How to Talk to Kids about money

The holidays are arriving, and there are only two topics where parents are afraid to talk about to their children:

  1. Sex
  2. Money

Since I’m only an expert about money, I will only address that one.

Have you ever had a young child ask you how much money you make? When a child of 6 or 8 asks a question like that, they really cannot put it into perspective with the real world. If a child gets an allowance of $5 per week, and you are earning $500 per month, or even $5000 per year, they would think you’re really rich.

The thing to do is to focus on the expenses of your household and how most of your income has to go toward that. Obviously I say most of your income with the hope that you have money left over that can go in the bank for future unexpected expenses, or vacations or whatever. The best is if you are paying yourself first.

Also it’s important to stress that this is personal information for your child, and not to be shared with other people. If they want to share how much they earn, or how they spend their own money, that’s fine. Start early with the conversation about keeping confidential information private.

Why would you, or most adults, be afraid to talk to children about money?

Easy answer: Most people, and I mean 90% of the population, has been taught nothing about how to handle money effectively. It is very rarely taught in school, and most parents cannot teach what they don’t know. They already know they are not good role models when it comes to money. They don’t have adequate savings, very little has been set aside for retirement and they know little about investing. And a large part of the population is living beyond their income and building debt instead of savings.

When I have done group programs I would ask my audience where they learned how to handle money. It doesn’t matter if it was a group of 30 people or 600 people; only 10% received real life lessons on how to write checks, budget, save for future purchases or do a forecast.

Not even the programs for Certified Public Accounts or Certified Financial Planners® have information on how to do a simple family budget. So don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel confident sharing what you know with your children or grandchildren.

Let’s make it easier to talk to your kids, or grandkids, about money. All you have to do is talk out loud as you are making money decisions. As an example, if you go to the bank, or use the ATM, and you put in a paycheck or client fee, set aside 10% in a separate savings account and explain how you are setting aside money for a vacation, or income taxes or a car repair, whatever.

Explain that you cannot take out more money than you put in. I do recall a client telling me that when her child asked for money, and she said she didn’t have it in her wallet, her child said to just go to the ATM machine and take out as much as she wanted.

If you are asked a question, and don’t have the answer, it is okay to say, “I don’t know. Let’s find the answer together.” It makes more sense for both of you to learn early and make a $10 mistake now rather than a $10,000 mistake later.

And talking to children about money allows you to pass on your money values, whether that’s about spending less than you earn, contributing to charity, limiting the use of credit cards, or talking about the difference between wants and needs. We need food and shelter. We want a big screen TV set. Both you and children are going to make mistakes, and that’s okay. We can all learn from mistakes.

The point is, it is never too early to talk about money in ways that are honest and provide the opportunity to learn, as long as you gear it to the level of the child. If it doesn’t work out the first time, you can try again a few months later. Just don’t wait until they go off to college and get bombarded with credit card offers that can put them in debt for years and years.

To your profit and your children and/or grandchildren,



What you see ain’t so

Back in the 1980’s I was a partner in a pension company that we sold to a public company in 1987. I stayed in the business into the 1990’s and the people I saw and met with were all successful business owners and their advisors. What I saw were people who made plenty of money to take care of themselves when and if they chose to retire.

It wasn’t until the owners began to retire, or sell their business, or terminate their company’s retirement plan that I began to meet with the employees and talk about their financial situations. Prior to the plan’s termination I would meet the employees in groups. I would explain how the employer was contributing to their retirement plan and what their present and future benefits would be.

But when the qualified retirement plans would end, I began to meet with the employees individually. We would talk about what they wanted to do with the distributions that they would receive. That is was when it opened my eyes to the reality. What I saw with the owners and their advisors was NOT what the world looked like. That was only 5% of the population.

The other 95% of the population were the employees and both their situations and mindsets were completely different. I would explain how rolling over their retirement money into an IRA would be the best thing to do. It would avoid both the income taxes and the penalties on their money. Almost all of the employees were younger than age 59½ .

Here are the things the employees told me:

“I’m going to make a down payment on a new car.”
“I’m going to buy one of those new big screen TV sets.”
“It’s time for my wife and I go to on a nice vacation.”

What became obvious was that I had no idea of the mindset of the majority of the population. What I saw was not what was real for most people. In the words of Gloria Steinem “Rich people plan for three generations. Poor people plan for Saturday night.” What I saw was the 5% rich, and not the 95% poor. The people I hung around with had the wealthy mindset, and that was the mindset I chose to adopt.

What do you see?

What is your mindset?

Who do you hang around with?

What do you believe that just ain’t so?



Credibility Input Requested

For the last couple of months I have been working on a video series to teach the same system that I covered in my live online course. It is the same system I used to go from broke at age 50 to multi-millionaire. As a reminder, the profits from my online courses, books and financial/business coaching I donate to the charity,

But do I have credibility?

My step-daughter may have a valid point. She said I should not be doing these videos in my Hawaiian shirts, like I wear all the time. She said it does not create the credibility that I am wealthy. It does not make me look like people should listen to me.

What do you think?

If you recall, there were demonstrations by people who condemned the “one percenters.” These were the people who fell into the 1% of the population that appeared to have a disproportionate share of the wealth in America. On Google you can find out how large of a net worth is needed to be among the top 1%, and I am there very comfortably.

BUT I do not, have not, and have no plans to, dress in expensive suits, wear expensive watches, or drive a fancy car. I have no need or desire to be flashy to impress people I will never know. It is more important for me to be comfortable in my own skin.

So, I have been doing these videos in my Hawaiian shirts.

The picture in this post is an example – a photo with two of my four grandchildren after we built a work bench together:

Please weigh in (by commenting below) and let me know if you think it is okay to do the videos in my Hawaiian shirts, or if I should dress in a way that would impart more credibility.
Have a Happy Halloween, and thank you in advance for your comments.



The Broke Philanthropist

There is nothing that hurts my heart more than to see a philanthropist that is broke.

– Rennie Gabriel

So often I meet with, or speak with, people who have a big purpose. They are skilled at what they do and can make a big impact in the world. However, they often lack the business skills, or ability to execute a systematic approach to reach their goals and create the impact that is deserved. Instead of making money first, and an impact second, they attempt to make the impact first from a place of no money.

You might have established a podcast; written a book, or be working on a book; created a program live or evergreen; or written articles that have been widely published. As an example, a book is a tool to reach the world, but it is NOT the key. You cannot create a global impact with a book but no money.

Like many people, you might think you will make money selling a book, but that is NOT where the money is in becoming an author. The book gives you the credibility to be taken seriously, and be paid more for your advice than a non-author. The very word, authority, is made from the word author.

My best example is the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. For my example, please forget his royalty was probably about $1 each, and that he has sold millions of copies. Let’s say he printed 1000 copies on his own at $10 each and gave one away to each head of the Human Resources Department of the Fortune 1000 companies. And let’s say out of 1000 people he reached out to, he was only able to book 3 trainings based on his concepts at $500,000 each. His $10,000 investment would produce $1.5 million in revenue. That is where the money is made in becoming an author.

There are two points I want to make: One; open your mind to the best way to make money as an author. As you can see, it is not about selling books; it’s about the leverage you create when you become an author. Two; when you have money you have more credibility, and more leverage to make the impact you want to make.

And the system I used to create a multi-six figure passive income is the same one outlined in my Wealth On Any Income book. That is what allows me to donate 100% of the profits from my online programs and coaching to charity.

My publishing company put out about 80 titles in the bookstores, so I do know something about the book publishing industry. So, if you are working on a book, and have some questions, please feel free to reach out to me and I will answer your questions.



Data Breach, Smata Breach -Equifax

By now everyone knows about the Equifax data breach, including scammers who will compound the problem with phony email solutions. Beware of the phishing emails. By now everyone knows about the Equifax data breach, including scammers who will compound the problem with phony email solutions. Beware of the phishing emails.

Here is an example that I received: Αffесtеd bу thе Εquіfаx brеасh? Ηеlp prоtесt уоur іdеntіtу nоw.

It came from LifeLock <info> which is certainly not a LifeLock email address. And if you place your cursor over the body of the email (do NOT press your Enter Key) you will see you will be directed to a website that has nothing to do with LifeLock. This is the scammer website to steal your identity.

The important thing to understand with the Equifax data breach is that Equifax did not patch a third party application that they were supposed to, and criminal hackers obtained access to the records of 143 million people. The vast majority were Americans, and while the records from people in other countries were also exposed, it is so much smaller.

The point is YOU need to protect yourself and assume your records have been compromised. The hacker criminals got access to vital information like names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, and in some cases, driver’s license IDs and credit card numbers.

What can the criminals do with that information?

How about this:

  • Open financial accounts
  • Apply for credit cards, mortgages, and other financial services
  • Get medical care at your expense
  • File for a tax refund in your name
  • Get a job in your name and let you pay the taxes (I cannot believe a criminal would want a job unless there is more they can steal… just saying.)

Bottom line: Complete Identity Theft.

What should you do?

Put a credit freeze on your credit reports to prevent anyone from doing the above. You can release the credit freeze if you apply for a loan because you will have a 10 digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use, and it should be never be giving to anyone else.

Here is where to go to do that: Equifax: (800) 685-1111 or

I suggest doing it online as I did. I seriously doubt Equifax is prepared to accept 100 million new phone calls.

This is one of the best explanations on how it happened:



Wealth Expert; Fake, Phony or Real?

There are many people in the financial advice space who will tell you how to make more money, get more clients and become wealthy. Some are wildly successful from growing seminar businesses or gathering money from other people to invest. Some write books, have TV shows, do podcasts, write columns or send out enough direct mail they could wipe out a forest.

How do you know who to trust with your money?

How about DO NOT trust anyone else with your money except yourself?

If you are on my list and have read any of my emails, then you know that I am comfortable financially. I am not a billionaire like Warren Buffet or Sheldon Adelson or Mark Zuckerberg. And do you really think you would, or could, have personal access to any one of them?

Our home is paid off. We have enough passive income that we not outlive it, and there will be plenty of money to pass on to our heirs. You can ask any advisor you might think about working with to share their personal financial situation with you. I am willing to do that. You could find out they need fees or commissions from YOU to pay their bills.

What do you want?

Do you want to:

  • Stop worrying about credit card bills?
  • Know you will always have enough to cover your bills?
  • Cover emergency expenses without using credit cards?
  • Dramatically grow your business and your income?
  • Feel comfortable about how and where you make investments?
  • Have your work be a choice instead of a requirement?

To learn how to do the above you can watch some of the videos on my website; you can fill out the forms that you got for free with a summary of my award winning, best-selling book; and if you want personal support, I am here to serve you. You can book a time to speak here:

As a reminder, because I am able to live on my passive income I donate 100% of the profits from my book, coaching and speaking to charity, mainly




** This article also featured on “Rise Up for You”

Check Scam

Have you ever posted an ad on Craigslist, or some other website, to sell something? Well you have probably been warned to only work with people locally, and beware of phone checks, cashier’s checks and money orders.

Recently I was selling a beautiful stainless steel fridge for a friend who moved out of state. It was only about 2 years old, had about 22 cubic feet of storage, French doors for the refrigerator, a lower freezer, ice maker and cost about $2400 new. It was advertised for $1200 on Craigslist.

Here is how the scam works:

  1. You get an email, text or even a phone call that someone wants to buy it and pay full price. Sometimes they might ask what your lowest price might be, but that’s just to appear legitimate.
  2. They ask you to take down your post because they will buy it from you.
  3. They will send you a cashier’s check, business check or money order right away.
  4. They are out of the area and will have someone pick it up from you and ship it to them.
  5. The check you receive is hundreds, or thousands, of dollars more than the price you agreed to.
  6. You will be told their assistant made a mistake, or some of that is to pay the shipper, but you can keep an extra $50 for your trouble. Just send back the difference in funds to the scammer. Example: Item sells for $1000. You receive a check for $3000. You send back $1950 of real money to the scammer and are left with a check of $3000 that will bounce.

Here is the silly situation: The cost to ship this fridge from California to Florida would be anywhere from $300 to $1000. It makes no sense to spend that much extra money when it could be purchased in Florida for the same amount, or less, and not have to pay for shipping.

The point is; do NOT sell to someone out of the area unless the individual can be verified. Do NOT send anything until funds clear your bank (this could take 10 days). It is best to just deal with people who are local to you and will pay cash. Cash will never bounce unless it is counterfeit.

You will see below a copy of the FedEx mailer that was used.


Some items of note:

  • It shows it was sent from someone local to me, but the person said he was in Texas, and the check was drawn on a Florida bank and I am in California.
  • Edge Artists and Associates is a phony company with a phony Facebook page
  • The phone number goes to an individual that has no company and has no knowledge of the scammer’s name; in this case Samson Wilson.
  • The check drawn on the bank is for an account that is closed, or checks have been stolen (The phone number in the memo section is for Regions Bank)
  • All of this information can be obtained from the FedEx envelope or Google.

My goal in sharing this information is to potentially assist you in avoiding an unpleasant situation in the future.