Myths that Keep You Broke #29

Myth #29 - We Have Problems:    

Language is so important in how we speak and how we talk. I am talking about how we speak to ourselves, and how we talk to others. Do we have problems, or do we have challenges? Would you rather deal with a problem or a challenge? It is all about the language you use.

In the past, I had self-talk that was not supportive of my goals. You may have self-talk that is not supportive or empowering to your goals. You may have self-talk that dis-empowers you instead of inspires you.

Recently I heard someone speak out loud in their self-talk when they made a mistake saying, “I am so stupid. What’s wrong with me?”

Do you think that kind of self-talk will help them, hurt them, or keep them where they are?

You already know the answer: It will not empower them to do better. Wouldn’t it be better to say, “I made a mistake. What can I learn from that?”

I recall my wife looking at a color she wanted to paint a wall in the den and said, “That color is wrong.” A color can’t be either right or wrong. A color is just a color. You might not like the color, but that’s an opinion. It might not be the best color for the job depending on the emotion you want to evoke, but it can’t be right or wrong; it’s just a color.

As I was writing this myth my wife said, “I have to do marketing, and I hate to go marketing.” My reply was, “You don’t have to do marketing. You can order food online, we can order in meals, or we can just go out to eat.” Her self-talk limited choices and was not supportive to her frame of mind. My reply created choices.

Pay attention to your self-talk. Or ask someone to pay attention to your self-talk.

If it does not support you, what words or phrases can you say instead?

To Your Prosperity,