Myths that Keep You Broke #10

Myth #10 - Thoughts Are Powerful:   

Let me explain what I mean when I say it is a myth that thoughts are powerful. In one respect they are powerful; if they lead to an action. Unfortunately, most of the time a good thought is cancelled out by feelings that might be uncomfortable, or feelings come up that are more powerful.

Actually, feelings are ten times more powerful than thoughts.
Perhaps you had the thought that you were going to start working out at the gym at the beginning of the year. Maybe it was one of your resolutions. How did that work out for you? Did you have feelings that you could do this later? Maybe it doesn’t really matter how often you go. Maybe you needed to wait until your sore muscles felt better.

The point is, we all have thoughts, and we all have feelings. And our feelings are more powerful. What I have learned is that when you tap into something bigger than your feelings you can then take action on your thoughts.

You might ask, what is something bigger, or more powerful, than your feelings?

It’s your values. The values you operate by are what you fall back on when push comes to shove.

If you are someone who values arriving on time, and you can see you will be late, you would notify someone you’re going to be late.

If your value is integrity, and you give your word to someone that you will show up to an event, you will show up.

If you value family, you will do whatever it takes to care for, and provide for, your family. And it does not matter how you feel.

Starting on page 26, in my Wealth On Any Income book, is an exercise to support you in identifying your values. The values you can lean on when you are discouraged or you’re not sure what to do next to move forward. 

The point is; thoughts are not all that powerful. To produce results you need to understand your values and get into action.

To Your Prosperity,