Myths that Keep You Broke #23

Myth #23 - Wealth Is Not Fair:

You may remember the protests in the streets about how unfair it was to have so much money in the hands of 1% of the population. The protesters were in the 99% of the population.

You may have heard it said, that if all the money in the world were divided equally among everyone, it would not take long for the wealth to be redistributed just the way it was before. And I believe this.

Most people have been taught nothing about money, and most people lack the attitudes to create wealth.

This is why I devote my time to writing and speaking about how to handle money effectively and adopt the attitudes of the wealthy. I can donate 100% of the profits from my books, speaking, and programs to charity because I have adopted those attitudes.

You can become wealthy, just as I became wealthy if you adopt the same attitudes, learn about money, and invest money.

You and I have been programmed from an early age to believe, that only the poor people are the kind and noble. Hollywood movies, TV shows, fairy tales, and even the scripture promotes the idea that only the poor are good and noble and the wealthy are greedy and heartless.

Consider Titanic with Leonardo Dicaprio vs. Billy Zane; Game of Thrones with the Starks vs. the Lannisters; or Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze vs. the parents. There are so many more when you just look for it with new eyes.

The fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk or Aladdin or anything by Charles Dickens sends the same message; that the poor are better people than the wealthy. The scripture about Moses and the Pharaoh reinforces this same message.

In addition to your parents, look at what you have seen and read with new eyes and recognize how you have been influenced about money and wealth.

Is it fair that the wealthy have different attitudes about money than you? Not when you can adopt those same attitudes.

Where do you see you’ve been influenced about money and wealth?

To Your Prosperity,