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Rennie Gabriel  00:10
Hi folks, welcome to 49 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. This is where we talk about money tips, techniques, attitudes, information and provide inspiration. In past episodes, we spoke about how to build an income and expense report, how to measure the level of pleasure based on where you spend your money, how to track your money in 5-10 seconds, what to look for in a net worth statement to see how close you are to Complete Financial Choice®. And last week, we had Doug Marshall speaking about multi-unit residential financing. Today we have as our guest, Kristin Swanson. Kristin helps thought leaders execute their 'someday when' procrastination projects with ease. As a breast cancer survivor and Coach's Institute trained coach, Kristin's learned the importance of getting out of one's own way, and stop waiting until 'someday' to make a unique impact. Realizing deeply that you only live once, she's gained perspective, tools and strategies to overcome the illusions fear instills in us. Kristin, welcome to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. 

Kristin Swanson  01:26
Thank you. It's great to be here. 

Rennie Gabriel  01:28
Let's get right to it with some questions. You know, I've got a hint as to what you're doing and why, but, you know, elaborate on that, please.

Kristin Swanson  01:38
Yeah, so I'm a coach, and I help entrepreneurs, mainly in the personal and professional development space, thought leaders with what I call their 'someday when' projects. So these are the projects that they're putting off until 'someday', the thing that's like in the back of their mind that's saying, someday, when I have more time, what I really want to be doing is this . . . Whether that be launch a podcast, or someday when my kids are grown what I really want to do is expand into this new line of business, move from 1-on-1 coaching to group coaching - or whatever it might be. Because I find that you know what it is and those voices in the back of your head that say those things actually aren't ever going to go away. And so the sooner we get to taking action on them, the better and the more things will flow once you start stepping into that, because those are the things that are going to make the biggest difference on your business and the bottom line, really. 

Rennie Gabriel  02:33

Kristin Swanson  02:33
And why? You asked me, why? So why I do this work is really around, I mean, because like you said, I am a breast cancer survivor and I sort of have had my own 'someday when' projects. I've put things off. And I did wait until like a cancer diagnosis sort of woke me up to the fact that I don't know how long I have. And why am I not just taking action now? And now I'm very aware of that. And I don't want to see other people wait till some life event happens. Like let's just get this stuff started.

Rennie Gabriel  03:03
Yeah, that makes perfect sense. And I'm also going to guess there's probably a charity that you support, that, you know, you feel has an impact on you directly. And if so, what charity would that be and what do they do?

Kristin Swanson  03:19
Yeah. So, Susan G. Komen© (komen.org) is really close to my heart. So that's somewhere where I've donated and donated time and money. And then the other one is - and that's because of breast cancer - and then the other one is the Alzheimer's Association because my mom died early have a rare form of dementia. And so this is just another organization that's close to my heart as well as Kidstown International. We've helped kids in Nepal with those donations.

Rennie Gabriel  03:50
Oh, fabulous. And, you know, yeah, I mentioned this before, but Shelter To Soldier is a charity that's very close to my heart. They get 100% of the profits from the work that I do. Because I had it so easy in Vietnam, sitting on a ship, able to take showers and eat at tables, while people I went to high school with are crawling through rice paddies and Vietnam and it's just, you know, so that's why that charity is so important to me. So, tell me who your target market would be. 

Kristin Swanson  04:30
Yeah, so my target market are thought leaders, mainly entrepreneurs. I work with a lot of solopreneurs. So, typically in the personal, professional development space. So, coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, those type of thought leaders.

Rennie Gabriel  04:45
Got it. Okay. And what would you say was your biggest failure whether personal or business?

Kristin Swanson  04:53
Yeah, so I think my biggest failure was back when  . . . so I launched my business like 10 years ago, went and got my coach training, quit my job at the time, started doing business coaching. And then it was back in the 2009 recession. And my husband and I were both self-employed. And it was just tough. Right? I also was pregnant. So young kids, tough time. And I ended up turning one of my biggest clients into a part-time job. And the mistake that I feel like I made was that I didn't leave that job for eight years. Like I could have, you know, done that for a little while. While I launched my business again, but I waited too long - is what I see is the failure. And it was, I mean, but it is these, like real life events that seem to be stopping you. Right? Like, I felt like I was tied to that health insurance, especially being a breast cancer survivor. I felt like I had to do that. So it's just when I look back on those things that I think, you know, why wasn't I taking at least some of those actions during those eight years? And that's kind of what I like to help people with.

Rennie Gabriel  06:02
That makes sense. So would you say that your biggest insight from that was, it may take a life event to have you go after these sometime goals? Someday goals?

Kristin Swanson  06:15
Yeah, biggest insight and, and aha too -  like, let's not have it take life events. Right? Let's start small and start now. Like these big goals that we're talking about that are these like soul-led goals that I help people with are not things that are going to happen overnight anyway. You're not going to just write a book overnight, like launch that podcast overnight, and so why not just take little steps every day working towards it? So I guess the insight was like, you know, it's not like this all or nothing thing.

Rennie Gabriel  06:47
Yeah, that makes sense. So what would you say are the typical feelings that your prospects experience that keeps them from going after these someday goals? 

Kristin Swanson  06:59
Yeah, so a lot of it is fear, and there's a little bit of shame that happens. I talk about 'productivity shame'. So they feel at the end of the day, that they didn't get to the things that they really wanted to get to. So there's some shame there. I think some of the things that are stopping people are things like imposter syndrome, and like perfectionism, you know, not feeling ready yet, all of those feelings.

Rennie Gabriel  07:27
I'm sure most of the people listening have dealt with that in one form or another. What would you say would be . . . Well, no, let me have you give me like a case study, a situation where one of your clients may have faced this. And, you know, what did they do? And where do they end up?

Kristin Swanson  07:48
Yeah, so I recently had a client and it was sort of like, towards the beginning of COVID, where she's pretty clear about wanting to launch a business, but was in this corporate job that wasn't really her soul - like feeding her soul anymore. And so what we did was while she was in the corporate job, got super-clear on what her boundaries are. So really clear about boundaries around like email, and the calendar, and taking lunch breaks, and you know, getting your exercise in and all of these things that some of us forget to do, when we're like in the whirlwind of corporate and any job or life even. So we helped her get clear on those things, which gave her a little bit of space - right? So then she kind of had a little bit of breathing room, a little bit more clarity, and then got clear about what that business would be and what she would be doing every day and how it would feel once that business was launched. And then once that started to happen, it all kind of just fell into place. Like she ended up being able to quit the job, launched the business, even during COVID, and opportunities just started coming her way. And this is what I see often, once we start taking these small steps towards these big goals. It just all kind of lines up and it flows easier. 

Rennie Gabriel  09:07
Yeah, it's, you know, I've experienced it. I've seen too many other people experience it and the way that I describe it is when you declare what you want, or you write down your goals, all of a sudden, the things that you wouldn't have seen before you now notice, and it sort of like, you know, the universe is telling you, well, you asked for this, so we're giving it to you. But if you don't ask you don't get. 

Kristin Swanson  09:35
Exactly, yes. So much power in just stating our desires. And what I see is people are even afraid to say them out loud. And I mean, I experienced that myself. Right? And so there is no harm in it. Even just telling a friend, a trusted friend. You don't have to even have taken the actions yet but just express it out loud. Say it to the universe. Say it in your journal. 

Rennie Gabriel  09:55
Yeah, well, I'm very glad - you may have not realized you said trusted friend, because everyone knows there are people in their life that they don't share these things with. And generally, it's people's family. 

Kristin Swanson  10:11
Totally. Yeah. And like the close friends that want to keep you safe. 

Rennie Gabriel  10:15
And they don't want you to change, they want you to stay the way that you are so that you can maintain being their friend. 

Kristin Swanson  10:23
Yeah, yeah. And they do it, I mean, I think it's sort of like a subconscious thing that they don't even know they're doing. And so you do have to be careful about who you talk to about it. And when you're ready, and then, but do it especially with those people who are going to just - and you know, who these people are, like-minded friends -I like to say. Yes, I totally say that on purpose.

Rennie Gabriel  10:45
That's the value of having an outside perspective, talking to another entrepreneur, hiring a coach, because those are what I would call committed listeners.

Kristin Swanson  10:56
Yes. And I can't even tell you how many times those committed listeners, like something they say back to me, just feels like a gift from the universe. That was like the next step I needed to take. And it amazes me. So just even for that reason alone, speak your desires out loud.

Rennie Gabriel  11:14
Perfect. Well, let me ask you this, is there some free resource that you can provide that will help the listeners continue to move forward in this way?

Kristin Swanson  11:26
Yes. So I have a, Make It Happen Planner, that's free on my website that you can download. And that's, kristinswansonconsulting.com. And you can link that up in the show notes. Right? So, yeah. So it's a Make It Happen Planner. And it helps you do exactly what we just said, say out loud, and on paper, what it is that you want, how it will feel, and then break it down into steps that you can take and put onto your calendar and start making it happen.

Rennie Gabriel  11:51
Thank you, Kristin. Yes, that's kristinswansonconsulting.com. And how to spell it all will be in the show notes. And Kristin, I want to thank you for being on the show. 

Kristin Swanson  12:04
Thank you. It was fun. Thanks for having me. 

Rennie Gabriel  12:07
You got it. And to my listeners. Thank you for tuning in. You can listen to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast on your favorite platform. And please rate, review and subscribe. If you'd like a weekly email with tips, techniques, or inspiration around your business or money, then log on to wealthonanyincome.com/TEDx. And you'll hear my TEDx talk on how books, movies and society programs used to be poor, and provides the cure a 27-page roadmap to complete financial choice. Next week, we have as our guest Dov Gordon, who has an amazing mastermind group for leaders in the online marketing and education space. Until next week, be prosperous. Bye bye for now.

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