Episode 49: Stop Waiting Until ‘Someday’ with Kristin Swanson

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In Episode 49 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast Rennie is joined by Kristin Swanson. Kristin helps Thought Leaders execute their “someday when” procrastinated projects with ease. As a breast cancer survivor & Coaches Institute trained Coach, Kristin has learned the importance of getting out of one’s own way and stop waiting until “someday” to make a unique impact. Realizing deeply that “you only live once,” she has gained perspective, tools, and strategies to overcome the illusions fear instills in us.

In this episode Rennie and Kristin cover:

  • What a “someday when” project is and what keeps us stuck.
  • What impact her breast cancer experience had on her coaching approach.
  • The charities that are close to her heart –Susan G. Komen© (komen.org), The Alzheimer’s Association, as well as Kidstown International. 
  • Her biggest failure and what she learned from it about soul-led goals.
  • How many people suffer from ‘Productivity Shame’.
  • The gift of a committed listener.
  • The Make it Happen! Planner.

About Kristin Swanson

Helping thought leaders and service-based entrepreneurs scale their businesses to expand their reach and increase revenue. Kristin’s clients know the growth initiatives they want to tackle but day-to-day client demands get in the way. 

For over a decade, Kristin has become known for breaking a business leader’s vision down into simple implementation steps, creating deployment plans and holding stakeholders accountable with grace and precision.

Kristin helps clients implement their growth strategies with ease.

To get Kristin’s Make It Happen Planner visit here website at kristinswansonconsulting.com

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