Episode 48: Fearlessly Following Your Passion with Doug Marshall

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In Episode 48 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast Rennie is joined by Doug Marshall. Doug has 40 years of real estate experience, is the author of the book Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing and the online course The Great Game of Real Estate Investing. Doug uses his 13 years investing in real estate to create wealth and grow passive income to allow him to follow his passion of helping the homeless. He is Co-Director of The Jesus Table and President of Hope for the Homeless Foundation.

Doug and Rennie have known each other for over eight years, and if Rennie was living in Oregon, Doug would be the only commercial loan broker he would work with. Doug has financed over $600 million in loans during his career!

In this episode Rennie and Doug cover:

  • How he is able to follow the things he is passionate about in work and play.
  • The Hope for the Homeless Foundation and the 2 different categories of nonprofits.
  • How ‘The Jesus Table’ works.
  • Doug’s biggest failure and what he learned about himself from that to launch a successful career.
  • The common mistake Doug sees in those looking to invest in Real Estate.
  • Mastering Fear – A Navy Seal’s Guide 
  • The relationship between success and embracing your superpowers.

About Doug Marshall

A veteran commercial real estate professional of 36 years, 30 of which are related to financing apartments and commercial real estate. For the past 10 years he has also invested in rental properties. In 2003, he founded Marshall Commercial Funding, Inc, a commercial mortgage brokerage firm located in Portland, Oregon. 

Doug’s higher education began at the University of Idaho. He earned his MBA and his webbed feet at the University of Oregon. In 1999 he received a CCIM designation, which many consider to be the PhD of commercial real estate.

Doug has been married to Carol for 38 years. They have raised two responsible and self-supporting children. Doug enjoys reading, blogging, golfing and time in the hammock.

For free resources visit https://marshallcf.com/

You can also purchase Doug’s book  Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing from amazon.com here.

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