Episode 161: Get Your Talk Ready to Rock with Leisa Reid

Episode 161: Get Your Talk Ready to Rock with Leisa Reid

For Episode 161 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Leisa Reid. Leisa is a speaker who has booked and delivered over 600 talks and can train you on how to GET booked and STAY booked as a speaker. She is the Founder of Get Speaking Gigs Now and the CEO of The International Speaker Network. 

Leisa is passionate about teaching you how to “Get Your Talk Ready to Rock” so that you can get on stage quickly and confidently. On our show today, she will share the #1 secret she uses to get speaking gigs!

Would you like to get your talk online or on stage quickly and confidently?

In this episode, Rennie and Leisa cover:

01:56 Leisa shares why she helps entrepreneurs get speaking engagements and why it isn’t for everyone.

03:28 “Death by Powerpoint” is real and should be avoided!

04:16 Leisa’s favorite charity, The Pachamama Alliance – Inspired by Lynn Twist (https://pachamama.org/)

05:05 Leisa’s target market – those who feel drawn to speak and make an impact on the world.

06:09 What Leisa considers to be her biggest challenge or failure and what she learned from it to create success.

08:29 The benefit, goal, objective, or outcome people seem to achieve out of working with Leisa.

08:58 A case study of one of Leisa’s clients and the transformation she experienced.

10:41 How to get Leisa’s 5 Top Tips To Get More Speaking Gigs Now – available at getspeakinggigsnow.com/tips.

11:37 Leisa shares the #1 way to get a steady stream of speaking referrals.

‘Speaking is not a fit for everyone. I’ll start there. So, anyone who’s terrified of speaking, relax, don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. But there is a lot of us, a lot of entrepreneurs who really, really feel called to speak. They’ve seen someone up there speak. Maybe they got a chance to speak and they think, ‘I should be up there. I should be the one giving that talk. I have a lot of really valuable information to share’. And, it’s a deep calling often within our soul, that’s like, ‘I need to do this’. And I hear these kinds of stories all the time, so that’s how I know. And I’m one of those people as well. So, for those of us who are in an entrepreneurial space or wanting to attract our clients, needing to do that sales and marketing thing, speaking is a really fulfilling way.’ – Leisa Reid

To get Leisa’s 5 Top Tips to Get More Speaking Gigs Now visit https://GetSpeakingGigsNow.com/tips.

To learn more about Leisa visit https://getspeakinggigsnow.com/meet-leisa


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