Episode 160: Closing the Gender Confidence Gap with Anna Gradie

Episode 160: Closing the Gender Confidence Gap with Anna Gradie

For Episode 160 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie welcomes Anna Gradie. Anna is a Confidence Coach for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Using science-backed tools, she helps her clients increase their confidence, accelerate their performance, and build stronger relationships. Anna’s purpose is to help close the gender confidence gap and to accelerate equality in STEM industries by empowering women.

In 2010, Anna co-founded and scaled an Educational Technology company into a multi-million-dollar business. She was the COO and head of HR but noticed a huge gender gap in the industry. After a successful exit in 2020, she created her coaching business.

Would you like to know how to close the gender confidence gap for yourself?

In this episode, Rennie and Anna cover:

02:01 How Rennie didn’t define traditional gender roles when raising his children and how that empowered his daughter.

04:04 Anna’s favorite charity – Dress for Success (https://vancouver.dressforsuccess.org/) – helps women get access to clothes to allow them to project confidence.

05:31 Who Anna’s target market for her confidence coaching is and why.

06:19 Anna’s biggest personal failure and the important insight she gained from that experience.

07:34 A case study of one of Anna’s clients who, after working with Anna, is now living a life that she is proud of.

08:53 The results another of Anna’s clients achieved after attending her six-month Confidence Coaching Program, a 10x in her confidence!

09:59 You can visit Anna’s website (annagradie.com) and subscribe to her free weekly newsletter to get a 5-Step Confidence Booster Guide, packed full of science-based tips and tricks to build confidence. You can also sign up for a free one-on-one Confidence Booster Session.

10:55 How Anna defines confidence.

“I co-founded and scaled an Ed Tech company and in that role, I noticed a huge gender gap in the industry. We had a goal of employing a diverse and inclusive development team and it was so hard to hire and retain female software developers. There was simply a limited pool of candidates. So that’s where I saw the need for coaching support, to help women enter tech, stay in tech, thrive in tech.” – Anna Gradie

Visit Anna’s website https://annagradie.com/ to sign up for her newsletter to get her 5-Step Confidence Booster Guide, which is packed full of science-based tips and tricks to build confidence, or book a free one-on-one Confidence Booster Session.

To learn more about Anna visit https://annagradie.com/anna-gradie-my-story/

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