Episode 159: Breaking Down Barriers to Get into Your Zone of Genius with Brenda B. Bailey

Episode 159: Breaking Down Barriers to Get into Your Zone of Genius with Brenda B. Bailey

For Episode 159 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie welcomes Brenda B. Bailey – the “Cellular Reprogrammer” to the show. Brenda is a ThetaHealing Master & Instructor who’s owned and operated a 7-figure business and has been an entrepreneur for over 31 years. Her work in the world is to help you break down the barriers to help you heal and get into your true zone of genius, serve the people who need your gifts, and make lots of money doing it – without it being at the expense of Yourself, Your Energy, and Your Time!!

Brenda has blended her practical experience as a successful entrepreneur along with the ThetaHealing practices that allow people to have quick income transformations in her Elevate to Accelerate Program & SRC4U Membership.

Would you like to be reprogrammed to get into your true zone of genius?

In this episode, Rennie and Brenda cover:

01:55 Introducing Brenda and her cat.

02:58 What ThetaHealing is and why Brenda loves it!

05:12 Why Brenda calls herself the Cellular Reprogrammer – making changes on a cellular level.

08:44 How Brenda’s ThetaHealing doesn’t require a lot of “homework” or work on your end at all.

09:37 Brenda shares the story of her beloved dog Chula and her favorite animal charity.

11:22 Rennie shares about the new addition to his household – a chihuahua named Ted.

13:34 Brenda’s biggest challenge in business and what she learned from it while eating some “humble pie”.

15:59 A great case study story about how Brenda became one of her client’s top three women in his life by helping him in his stuck business.

23:23 How you can get started with ThetaHealing at Brenda’s website and find the Freedom Thru Forgiveness workbook and audios at https://freedomthruforgiveness.com

“I love entrepreneurs, I work with anybody, but I love entrepreneurs, because I know the entrepreneurial journey. I know the ups and downs. And I can prevent people from having high highs and low lows, I can allow it to be an even keel. So that then they either hire people, they don’t have to work as much.” – Brenda B. Bailey

To get access to Brenda’s forgiveness workbook and audio Freedom Thru Forgiveness visit http://freedomthruforgiveness.com

To learn more about Brenda visit https://www.brendabbailey.com/about

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