Episode 159: Breaking Down Barriers to Get into Your Zone of Genius with Brenda B. Bailey – Transcript

Episode 159: Breaking Down Barriers to Get into Your Zone of Genius with Brenda B. Bailey

Rennie Gabriel  00:09
Hi folks, welcome to Episode 159 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. This is where we talk about money tips, techniques, attitudes, information and provide inspiration around your business and your money. I'm your host, Rennie Gabriel. In past episodes, we spoke about how to understand the numbers from your business, how to measure the level of pleasure based on where you spend your money, how to track your money in 5 to 10 seconds, what determines how close you are to Complete Financial Choice®, and how to run your business without being in your business. Our previous guest was Fritz Gilbert, the author of the award-winning blog, The Retirement Manifesto. Today, we have as our guest, Brenda Bailey. Brenda is known as the Cellular Reprogrammer, is a ThetaHealing Master and instructor who's owned and operated a seven-figure business and has been an entrepreneur for 31 years. Brenda's blended her practical experience as a successful entrepreneur, along with the ThetaHealing practices that allow people to have quick income transformations in her, Elevate to Accelerate program and SRC4U membership. I'll let her talk about what the heck that is. Brenda's work in the world is to help you break down the barriers, to help you heal and get into your true zone of genius, serve the people who need your gifts, and make lots of money doing it. Brenda, welcome to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast.

Brenda Bailey  01:55
So I was muted because my cat is running around like we're . . . I'm in Texas, and we're getting a little cooler here. So she's just zooming around and then she's kind of meowing and I thought, Well, I'm going to mute for a second, at least while Rennie gets through his introductions. So I'm excited to be here. And hopefully she'll stay quiet for the next few minutes. But if not . . .

Rennie Gabriel  02:16
And if not, we'll hear your cat. Just like I have three dogs here.

Brenda Bailey  02:20
I always say, this is real life. Yeah, this is real life. 

Rennie Gabriel  02:22
Yeah, exactly. You know, some dogs will come and say, Hey, I want to sit in your lap. Who knows what will happen? Well, again, welcome to the show, Brenda.

Brenda Bailey  02:32
Thank you. I'm glad to be here.

Rennie Gabriel  02:34
So let's get to it with some questions. I mean, this is great. Because usually I'll say, Okay, so you do ThetaHealing. But tell me why? No, first, you have to explain a little bit more about what ThetaHealing is because it's, I think it's got to be a little bit more than, you know, quick transformation. So tell me more about that and then tell me why.

Brenda Bailey  02:58
So here is what ThetaHealing is and that's why I love it. I have 13 different certifications in integrative healing. This has been a part of my life for the last, I always say, I've been an entrepreneur for almost 32 years, and I've been working on myself for 33. And I often say that if you want to know what you need to work on, become an entrepreneur, right? So if you weren't doing it before, you're going to do it while you're doing it, because your stuffs just going to come up. And so what I find that happens for people is that they, you know, first they have to discover that they're the problem in the equation, right? That they're the common denominator that's causing the cog or causing the challenge. And once they do that, a lot of times people are so busy, and a lot of different techniques and modalities are all like you figure it out like, why, why, why why are you doing this? Why is that? And as Albert Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem in the same way that it's created - I'm paraphrasing - but they're all created in our minds. And so a lot of techniques, and modalities work just with the conscious and the subconscious. But our traumas, our resentments and our beliefs, and so again, a lot of ways that people use the context of beliefs is, I believe this, which actually should be replaced - I think this. It's not that you believe it, it's that you think it.

Rennie Gabriel  04:22
Well, yeah. Except I'm going to disagree because people - and languaging is so vital, when they say I believe it, that is what creates their world.

Brenda Bailey  04:33
If everything is in alignment for them to create that, a lot of times what ends up happening is that people will say things, and they're not getting it mirrored back to them, right. Like . . .

Rennie Gabriel  04:44
Oh, I was going to say, because of them saying things, what gets mirrored back is exactly what they're looking for. And I see . . .

Brenda Bailey  04:52
Well, and here's the thing. It is, saying things out loud does work, but you have to get yourself to be that mirror or magnet, right? And so what ends up happening is that . . .

Rennie Gabriel  05:05
I have to laugh because I can see the tails of, the cat's tail going like this behind you. Go ahead.

Brenda Bailey  05:12
Hopefully she won't walk across the keyboard, but she's, yeah, she's over a year. Yeah, you can just see your little face there. You know, here's the thing, is that what we believe is typically something that we've either inherited, we've experienced in this lifetime, so it has reinforced that belief, we have brought it in with us. So it's either a part of the group consciousness, and we carry beliefs in our souls. So when we just go with, I think, right, it's not going to change it. And from a ThetaHealing perspective, what we believe is that they're held on a cellular level, which is why I call myself a Cellular Reprogrammer. It's part of our DNA. So what ThetaHealing does is it bypasses the conscious and subconscious mind, and it makes the changes on a cellular level, which, then our heart and our mind just follow. So what ends up happening a lot of times with the clients that I work with over the last 18 years, is that they change. And then everybody around them is like what have you done? But they don't realize it unless they're very aware because there, it's as if it's always been. Their just moving along. And that's why I do it, right, is because if you do, if you go to somebody who's like, Well, why do you do this? Or, you know, if you're delving in that way, which can be helpful for people, but for me, I disassociated a lot of my childhood. So if I, when I went the traditional route, I couldn't answer the questions that they were asking. But if I could just see the behavior, and then change it on a cellular level, then I don't have to ask why.

Rennie Gabriel  05:16
Yeah, yes. And I found that, "why" questions in this context, are completely useless, because you can give any answer you want to a "why" question. And it's just as good as any other answer. Why is it that I have clients who are jerks? Well, one answer could be because you're a jerk. It could be because everybody else is a jerk. It could be because you don't charge enough. It could be because you charge too much. Like I said, Any answer will do.

Brenda Bailey  07:35
Absolutely. And just... and here's the thing, it's like being aware of it, yes, things will start to shift. But if you've got something on a cellular level that's anchoring it in, you're going to end up just, you know, doing the definition of insanity, repeating the same behavior, expecting a different outcome. And that's really hard for anybody that has any semblance of intelligence, because then we get really judgmental. Like, I'm smart, or I'm brilliant. I'm intelligent, and I know better. Why do I keep doing this? And that's why, because it's anchored into yourself. And you just, you know, even though your mind tells you to do something different, and you know, we've all experienced this, you're just like, Oh . . . You know, and what I see a lot, especially with entrepreneurs is they're like, Oh, this is happening in my business, or that's happening in my business. Let me go learn another strategy. Let me go learn another tactic. And a lot of times, you've already got everything in place, you energetically have to get out of the way. And that's what ThetaHealing does.

Rennie Gabriel  08:42
That sounds fabulous.

Brenda Bailey  08:43
And it does it without you having to do a lot on your end. Like I always, I also teach this to people be like, What's the homework like? And I'm like, Just show up to class. That's the homework. And I've done other modalities where I do case studies and you know, meet on a monthly basis and all that to get the certification. It doesn't have to be like that. And innately we always go into a theta brainwave. That's why it's called ThetaHealing. It's just intentionally doing it. And then understanding, you know, getting the things out of the way that your intentions will take you a lot further.

Rennie Gabriel  09:18
Fabulous. Well, I'm going to want to talk to you a little bit more about this after your interview. But continuing on with that, most of my listeners are aware I donate 100% of the profits from the work I do to various animal and veteran charities. So tell me about a charity that's close to you.

Brenda Bailey  09:37
Well, I'm going to try to do this without getting some tears in my eyes because I'm coming up on my one year anniversary of my little chihuahua, passing away. It was October 25. So that's who I right now really support is, again, when she passed she had so many, I'll say she came very, you know, she was very accessorized through her 13 years with me. She was almost 15 when she passed. She was a re-homed situation. So I'm very big, like, again, if you get from breeders, that's your choice, but there's a lot more animals that are, you know, need homes that are end up being and a lot of these, you know, places like . . . It's a chihuahua rescue, and so a lot of the rescues, they have these animals that need homes. And so I really do, like, when she passed I, because you know, everything was so small, I had clothes, I had all these things, and food and medications and everything that I just donated to them. But I also you know, they'll send out emails letting you know, here's our Amazon link, and here's what we need. And, you know, I'll purchase things for them. But that's where I really love to spend my money is on animals right now. So I help a lot of rescues. So I get it when you say I help animals and I help vets. So I live in the most militarized city in the US, so we have a lot of things for our vets, and that I have worked in and volunteered in to do ThetaHealing because it's really great with trauma because it's on a cellular level. I've done a lot of that as well. So I contribute my money to the puppy organizations, and I've committed my time to the veteran organizations.

Rennie Gabriel  11:22
Oh, thank you. Bless you, Brenda, I can understand a little bit about the Chihuahua because one of my tenants adopted a chihuahua out of the pound, and or the animal shelter, whatever you want to call it. And then she ended up getting a full-time job out of the house. It was a puppy. It was stuck in a pen all day long. And when I'd work at her apartment, I would play with this puppy. I loved it. And so she called me one day in tears asking, Rennie, I know you love the dog, da da da da da . . . You said something about if anything happened, you'd take it. Well, are you serious? And he's now mine - and I love him so much.

Brenda Bailey  12:03
Yes, those little ones. I always used to say, my dog weighed about five pounds and I would say there was a lot of personality per pound. And when she passed, I sent out an email, must have been to about, you know, 30 people. And I probably had about 15 to 20 that came to visit her before she transitioned because I just said you know, I scheduled it here in my home, which felt like the right, you know what I preferred, and people even came from out of town. So everybody loved my Chula. They just loved her and she was great. So people came to spend a little time with her before she transitioned. And that's what the little ones do, they're your babies and they just steal your heart.

Rennie Gabriel  12:48
Oh, yeah. And I can see people showing up for Ted because he is such a love. I mean, whoever comes in the house, he's all over them with loves and kisses. So I could see how that would happen for the people that wanted to see her before she moved on.

Brenda Bailey  13:04
Well, I always said if you felt unloved, unwanted,  unappreciated, come see Chula. 

Rennie Gabriel  13:11

Brenda Bailey  13:12
She'll make you feel like you're the only person on earth. And just, you know, just want to sit on your lap.

Rennie Gabriel  13:18
Oh, that's so great. Well, now let me ask you this, also kind of from either a business or a personal perspective, what would you say, it's a two-part question, what would you say was your biggest failure, and then what was the insight that you gained from that?

Brenda Bailey  13:34
So I've had two businesses in my life. One was very mainstream. I had a trade show sales company, traveled all over the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. And that business was very different. It's a very different business model. But in my ignorance, because I was young, like I, I was young, when I started that business. I was young, when I left that business. I was younger. And I thought that just because I could have one seven-figure business, I could do exactly what I did in the first one, and I could have a second seven-figure business. And I learned that it was a completely different animal, you know, having a ThetaHealing practice versus doing you know, at trade shows your customers come to you. 

Rennie Gabriel  14:28

Brenda Bailey  14:29
And as you know, it was like, I networked but I didn't know that that's what I was doing in trade shows. I could always ask my neighbors, What show did you just come from? What show are you going to? how do you like it? You know, that kind of thing. And this was before the internet, so it was the only way to get information. And so I had to learn how to network. I had to learn how to connect and how to collaborate and how to follow up. I didn't have to do that at trade shows. I mean, there were so many skills that I had to learn and eat some "humble pie". You know, that was the thing. And I think that that's the thing, it's looking at something that you could say in the moment is a failure, right? There is no such thing.

Rennie Gabriel  15:15
Or a challenge, whatever. 

Brenda Bailey  15:16
Right. But looking at the gifts and lessons that you received as a result of it, and then with ThetaHealing, we look at like, Why did I have to do that? Or why does it have to, you know, like, why does it have to be like that for me? And then changing that, so it can be something different.

Rennie Gabriel  15:33
Terrific. Well, let me get to what I would call one of the last questions. I'm sure for the people who you would be working with, there's some benefit, objective, goal that they have, when they follow your advice. Give me an example of a case study that fits someone who was in one place, the advice you gave them, and the result that showed up. 

Brenda Bailey  15:51
Okay, so the question I get, like, this is the question that, Rennie, asks everybody. So I don't give anybody any advice, right. But I just listen to what they're saying and then we change it so it can just be different for them on a cellular level. And we do it like any forgiveness that needs to be done, any trauma that's associated with it, and any beliefs that you've either inherited, brought with you, you know, experienced in this lifetime, we do all that. So it's, people typically come, so a lot of times what ends up happening is that somebody will just go you know, I'm the common denominator in the equation that's not working here. And a lot of times, it's people have reached a level of success. Hustle will allow people to reach a level of success. Most people can hit their first six figures, hustling, but the thing is, is that you can't maintain a hustle. Because it's just going to burn you out. It's just going to wear you out. So I had met this man at a networking event. He asked me what I did. And I just looked at him and I said, I'd never said this to anybody, and I haven't said it since, but I said, Well, I prevent people from being in that definition of insanity. And he was like, Oh, my God, I was just talking about, you know, talking to my wife about that this morning. And I was laughing, and he called his wife over, they were both at the networking event. His problem was is that he and this, let me tell you something, this was a long time ago before like, everybody was doing it. But he was a commercial real estate developer and investor. And so he worked like in a group or he worked individually and you know, they put together deals. 

Rennie Gabriel  17:37

Brenda Bailey  17:38
His problem was, is that and nothing was getting, like financing wasn't getting approved, deals weren't going through, and he didn't know what else to do. So he actually had a session with me. And again, when you, and it was funny, it was like, Can you come to my office? And I was like, Sure, you know, Well, little did I know that I was coming into the office, to a building that he owned. Right, like I was laughing going, Okay, this, you know, this is par for core, you know. And again, I've worked with a range of people, but I was just like laughing, going, all right, so I, you know, I went into his office, we had, I have a 90-minute intro session. So we had the 90-minute intro session, and this was like in December. So I get this call from him, like two days later saying, Okay, that was amazing, what else you got? And I said, Well, I have a six-month coaching program, but it is like the 23rd or 24th of December, like literally this man is calling me like, and I said, Can we talk after the first of the year? And he was like, Okay. So you know, again, I knew through a session that he had a wife and a daughter. He was getting wobbly, right? Because we had had some time. He was ready to make a decision. You know, he wanted to do it. But I was like, It's the holidays, right? Like, there's some boundaries around that. It's the holidays, we don't really need to talk about this. You know, and he was like, and I said, Well, you felt a big difference. You knew that things had changed. You had a good feeling about it. You wanted to move forward. He was like, Okay. And I said, Here's the thing that I'm going to tell you. Give me three weeks, but I promise you that by the third week, I will be your third favorite woman in your life. And he was like, Okay. Because I said, you know, Here's the thing, follow your intuition, make sure that your intuition is not coming from a reaction and follow your intuition and that's what he was doing. And then he was having a reaction, right, like he was really into the doing, you know. So then, well, he just looked at me like after our like second session and he said, Deals are going through, financing is getting approved. I've done nothing differently. He goes, except worked with you. And he said, So it's you. Again What I love about working with men is that they're very like this is, you know, like, a woman will be like, Well, I brushed my hair differently. And I'm saying this with love as a woman, and that may have affected it's like, Um, okay, you know. I've done 3 million things, and yours was one of them. And I'm like, Okay, well, then you can't really measure it. But a man is very like, and again, I love working, I worked with both men and women. And so every time we worked once a week together, you know, three weeks out of the month, and I would come to his office, we'd made these arrangements, I would just come to his office, he had an insurance, I mean, a lot going on, he had a lot of different...

Rennie Gabriel  20:33
Ancillary businessess. 

Brenda Bailey  20:34
Right. So he, you know, like, we would be done with the session, and then the phone, like, the phone would ring in his office, and he'd be like, Hold on. And he didn't even answer it. And he would just look at me and go . . . And I was like, And that was just because it was something around the deal, or a new deal coming. And he would just be like, This is amazing.

Rennie Gabriel  20:56
Now, for those, I want to say, for those folks who are not on YouTube watching the video, but only listening to the audio, what Brenda did was mouth, when he covers the phone, he mouth, I love you, to her. Okay.

Brenda Bailey  21:11
And I would just wave and go home, so he could, you know, like, he had businesses, he had things to do, like, I could appreciate that. So I would just get out of his hair. And we would be on the calendar for you know, the next time we were to meet. So it was that thing, like, it's that ambience of quantitatively, you know, we measure whatever the change we want. That's how we're aware of it. Money for me is one of those that's easier, especially for people who are already at a certain level in their business. It's again, it's not that they, you know, like I have a franchising business right now. She's looking at investors to expand the business, I've been helping her work through, like what's coming up, because for her, it's been a level of control that she has to give up. But I'm like, But you're getting the money. So let's, you know, it's not really about . . .I'm like, You're not selling them 51% of your business, you know, like, you're getting the money. They're going to make a little bit off of it. It'll be you know, but it's not me just telling her that, it's again, me going, why is this coming up? What needs to shift? I'm not asking her, me asking me, so that I, you know, again, I love entrepreneurs, I work with anybody, but I love entrepreneurs, because I know the entrepreneurial journey. I know the ups and downs. And I can prevent people from having high highs and low lows, I can allow it to be an even keel. So that then you know, they either hire people, they don't have to work as much. You know, I remember I was, someone asked, someone asked a question to somebody like, Well, do you take weekends off? And this guy responded, Well no, then my business will, you know, cease to exist. And I'm like, Oh my gosh, do not, do not set up a business model like this, folks. It doesn't, you know, it's not, it's not going to work.

Rennie Gabriel  23:04
Absolutely, yeah. Because it's just going to implode and they're going to be burned out. Now, I know that I have listeners who are going to want to be able to get ahold of you. Is there a link, and offer, or something that can allow people to connect with you?

Brenda Bailey  23:21
My website is brendabbailey.com. And I will also give the link to that, Rennie, as well. But I have a forgiveness workbook and audio, and I have to tell you, if you want to see a big difference in your money, forgive, and forgive on a level of - with ThetaHealing. And that's what it is. It's a workbook to help you organize like what you need to forgive. And then it's audios that walk you through and shift it for you. And it's called, Freedom Thru Forgiveness. And through is t h r u. So it's freedomthruforgiveness.com.

Rennie Gabriel  24:00
I'm going to have your website brendabbailey.com, as well as Freedom Thru Forgiveness in the show notes. People can click on it and get right to you. And Brenda. I want to thank you for being on the Wealth On Any Income show. 

Brenda Bailey  24:17
Thank you for having me.

Rennie Gabriel  24:19
You got it. And to all those who are listening, if you'd like to know how books, movies and society programs you to be poor, and what the cure is, then log on to, my wealthonanyincome.com website, /TEDx. You'll get to hear my TED talk and can request a free 9-Step Roadmap to Complete Financial Choice®, and Philanthropy. And get a weekly email with tips, techniques, or inspiration for your business or your money. And if you'd like to see how you can increase your wealth, and donate to the causes that touch your heart, please check out our affordable program, Wealth with Purpose. To my listeners, thank you for tuning in. You can listen to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast on your favorite platform. And please rate, review, and subscribe. Until next week, be prosperous. Bye bye for now.

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