Episode 156: Treating Your Money Disorder with Chellie Campbell

Episode 156: Treating Your Money Disorder with Chellie Campbell

For Episode 156 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Chellie Campbell. Chellie treats money disorders – spending bulimia and income anorexia. She’s been teaching Financial Stress Reduction principles for 33 years and has written 3 books, including The Wealthy Spirit, a page-a-day book that is also a popular Facebook group. Chellie’s mission is to put the fun back in funds!

Are you interested in treating your money disorder?

In this episode, Rennie and Chellie cover:

01:53 Chellie’s journey from being hired by a small bookkeeping firm to doing what she does today – putting the fun back in funds!

04:00 Chellie’s strategy for BUDGETS (Baby U Deserve Getting Everything).

05:16 How the three books Chellie published didn’t make er a lot of money in sales, but how it helped her in her business.

06:14 Chellie wrote her book The Wealthy Spirit because she loves to teach by story and how she was surprised when her publisher was looking for a second book!

08:27 What the “glad game” is and how Chellie uses it every day.

09:24 Chellie’s charity of choice is The Midnight Mission – downtown Los Angeles and the great work they do.

09:55 Chellie is currently working primarily in her Facebook group – The Wealthy Spirit – where she does a 10-minute video to inspire her members to do positive affirmations every day.

11:27 Faith without work is dead – Chellie shares why action is also critical.

13:28 Chellie shares her biggest failure and the valuable lessons she learned from that experience.

19:00 How you can contact Chellie by visiting her website https://chellie.com or email her at chellie@chellie.com. By visiting her website you can get her Top 14 Absolutely Amazing Abundance Affirmations.

19:43 If you would like to sign up for The Wealthy Spirit Facebook Group for $7 for the first 30 days visit: https://chellie.com/the-wealthy-spirit-group/aff/74  use the discount code: dolphingold

“My group is for people who are maybe even reluctant to do the positive thinking, but they’re really professionals at the negative thinking. And I have to get them out of that if they’re willing to do the work to change – which isn’t hard – but you got to do it. You’ve got to do positive affirmations every day. I’m sorry, you’re thinking negative ones 60,000 times a day. So it’s just a little switch, and it’ll feel uncomfortable to begin with, but that’s a sign that you really need it.” – Chellie Campbell

To learn more about Chellie and to get her top 14 Absolutely Amazing Abundance Affirmations visit her website https://chellie.com/

To sign up for The Wealthy Spirit Facebook Group for $7 for the first 30 days visit: https://chellie.com/the-wealthy-spirit-group/aff/74 use the discount code: dolphingold

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