Episode 150: Mastering the Skill of Making Money While Making a Difference with Cami Baker

Episode 150: Mastering the Skill of Making Money While Making a Difference with Cami Baker

For Episode 150 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Cami Baker. Cami is a Top 5% Realtor, HGTV house hunter veteran, Author of “Real Estate is Hot, Fundraising is Not” and a Visionary Revolutionist. In 2019 Cami founded the Real Agents of Change to create charitable giving using real estate.

Cami has mastered the skill of making money while making a difference and in doing so has provided funding to nonprofits of over $9 billion per year. Real Agents of Change are the industry leaders providing real estate agents and companies the information, education, and certification on how to create charitable gifts of real estate where both the nonprofit and Realtors experience financial growth.

Have you considered donating real estate to your favorite charity?

In this episode, Rennie and Cami cover:

 02:15 Why Cami began working with charitable gifting of real estate.

03:25 Who the Real Agents of Change are and a little more about what they do with charitable gifting.

04:35 Cami shares who she typically works with and how she can help them.

05:51 What Cami considers her biggest failure and what insight she gained from it.

07:55 Cami shares a case study of one of her nonprofit clients who has benefited tremendously from charitable real estate gifts.

10:40 How you can get a free downloadable copy of Cami’s book Real Estate is Hot, Fundraising is Not at  https://www.theraoc.com/camibaker

11:20 How this would benefit the nonprofits that you personally love and how can you get the word out about how this works for them.

“We all need to have coaches, coaching direction, mentors, leadership. We weren’t born understanding charitable gifting of real estate or understanding finances or understanding tax planning, and all these things. And so, you know, there’s no shame in asking. There’s no shame in finding someone to help. As a matter of fact, isn’t it the knowledgeable person, isn’t it the one that moves a lot faster, the one who actually grabbed somebody by the hand, who’s been there before us, and says, ‘Hey, teach me what you know.’ That’s how we really learn. So that’s what I learned from it is, you know, get those mentors where they’re needed.” – Cami Baker

To get a free downloadable copy of Cami’s book Real Estate is Hot, Fundraising is Not visit https://www.theraoc.com/camibaker

To learn more about Cami visit https://www.theraoc.com/Cami

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