Episode 149: Overcoming the Blocks that Stop You from Achieving Your Goals

Episode 149: Overcoming the Blocks that Stop You from Achieving Your Goals

In Episode 149 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie shares how to overcome the blocks that stop you from achieving your goals, whether in relationships, business, or finance. How thoughts, feelings, and values operate in our lives. Rennie attributes his current state of Complete Financial Choice® to changing the attitudes he grew up with and adopting the attitudes of the wealthy.

What blocks are stopping you from achieving your goals?

In this episode, Rennie covers:

0:55 How he modeled the attitudes of the wealthy and invested in creating net worth instead of paying off debt.

02:15 How he discovered that thoughts are not very powerful, but how your feelings and values are.

04:07 Rennie used one of his values – integrity to motivate him to overcome a block.

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05:28 If you are feeling stuck and you want a breakthrough, Rennie shares a few questions you can ask yourself, or better yet, have someone else ask you. “Wealth is a team sport, not a solo sport.” To get unstuck, no book, no matter how good, can hold you accountable – seek out someone trusted to do that.

“The reality is that your feelings are going to be far more powerful than your thoughts. Your feelings are going to dictate what you will or won’t do 98% of the time. The feelings that alcoholics have, the feelings that Overeaters Anonymous have are the things that create their problems. Well, then what can you do to overcome the feelings that prevent you from doing what will support you? What will allow you to take the actions that will produce the results you want in your life? This is where the wealthy people operate from. They tap into their beliefs, attitudes, and values. They value integrity. Or let me rephrase that. If they value integrity, they will give someone else their word, or they’ll ask for the support and ask to be held accountable.” – Rennie Gabriel

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