Episode 142: Turning Your Pain into Power with The Divorce Coach – Sara Davison

Episode 142: Turning Your Pain into Power with The Divorce Coach - Sara Davison

For Episode 142 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Sara Davison. Sara is best known as the Divorce Coach and is one of the world’s leading authorities on break-up, separation, and life empowerment. Revolutionizing the way we view and navigate one of life’s most traumatic events, Sara offers a range of solutions to help you cope better including individual and group coaching, retreats, free guides, online video programs, and her new and noteworthy podcast ‘Heartbreak to Happiness’.

Sara launched her Break-Up and Divorce Coach Practitioner Accreditation Program in 2018 as the founder of the International Divorce Coach Center of Excellence (IDCCOE), which has a coaching community of 300 Divorce Coaches, spanning 18 countries and five continents. Sara is also the author of two best-selling books “Uncoupling” and “The Split”. She is often featured in the media and had her own TV show ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ in Ireland.

Are you ready to protect your wealth by turning your pain into power?

In this episode, Rennie and Sara cover:

01:50 Why Sara is known as The Divorce Coach and how she teaches other coaches to help people through this time as well.

02:56 What inspired Sara to take this path of coaching others through divorce.

06:28 Rennie explains why he asked Sara to be on his podcast, to explore the impact divorce can have on someone’s life and finances.

07:26 Sara reveals her favorite charity – The Dash Charity (https://thedashcharity.org.uk/) – which is a domestic abuse charity that supports men, women, and children coming or dealing with abuse.

08:51 What Sara considers her biggest failure and how the lessons learned from that have helped her to grow and she took into her future businesses.

11:31 Sara shares with us the common scenario that most of her clients are experiencing and how she helps them to stack the odds to be happy.

14:59 The list of five “must not haves” that Sara has her clients create when looking for a new partner.

16:07 Where to get some free resources from Sara’s website https://saradavison.com and how to get Sara’s guide ‘The Split: From Breakup to Breakthrough in 30 Days or Less’. (see the link below).

16:33 Sara and her coaches also have an online support group called Heartbreak to Happiness and she offers a one-week free trial by visiting https://www.saradavison.com/coaching/heartbreak-to-happiness/.

“I thought this pain (from my divorce) cannot just be for me to just deal with and then move on somehow. I need to turn this into something that can help other people. If I can navigate this, and I come up with some tools, then I can help other people do that. So that’s what I did. I combined those skills and now that they’re the tools and skills that I share with people all over the world, whether that’s in my online groups or the one-to-one coaching, or the retreats or the coach training. And we’re even going into businesses now working with HR teams to support their staff going through breakups, because this impacts everyone.” – Sara Davison

For Sara’s guide ‘The Split: From Breakup to Breakthrough in 30 Days or Less’ visit https://www.saradavisonthedivorcecoach.com/offers/FLMw6uEw/checkout and use coupon code THESPLITRG to download it for free.

To sign up for a one-week free trial of Sara’s Heartbreak to Happiness online breakup support groups visit https://www.saradavison.com/coaching/heartbreak-to-happiness/.

To learn more about Sara visit https://www.saradavison.com/.


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