Episode 141: Fun & Creative Communication Strategies with Dr. Stephan Zavalin

Episode 141: Fun & Creative Communication Strategies with Dr. Stephan Zavalin

For Episode 141 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Dr. Stefan Zavalin – The Professional Unicorn. After losing his vision in graduate school, he not only finished his degree, but went on to work in the clinic, start a business, write a book, and give a TEDx Talk. 

Stephan now empowers entrepreneurs with creative communication strategies for their businesses to help deliver their message to their audience in a unique and authentic way that eliminates any chance for competition.

Do you want creating content to be joyful and fun?

In this episode, Rennie and Stephan cover:

01:59 What is involved in the creative communication assessments Stephan does and why he is passionate about it.

03:37 Stephan explains to Rennie how he can “see” in doing this work even though he has lost his sight.

05:14 Stephan’s love of animals and his favorite charities – the local zoos in his community.

05:59 The preferred target market that Stephan works with to help communicate who they are.

08:31 Stephan’s surprising answer to what his biggest failure or challenge has been and why.

10:24 A case study of one of Stephan’s clients who was having trouble communicating her uniqueness.

13:34 How you can get a copy of Stephan’s book 101 Creative Content Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners by visiting his website at https://www.stefanzavalin.com/freebook.

14:29 Stephan explains his latest soapbox – the difference between authenticity and humanity and why being authentic in business isn’t always his advice.

“A lot of people in tech and entrepreneurs, have a hard time communicating what in the world they actually do. They tend to get way into the weeds and the rest of us go, Huh? Because we’re so unsure about what it is that they actually do. And in that part of the communication piece is very important, because their websites might have all the right colors, but I’m looking at it I’m going ‘I don’t really know what you do, or what sets you apart’. So, in a large way, it’s those tech entrepreneurs that I really tend to work with the most. But anybody who feels that their industry is boring, or they feel like, I don’t know, nothing makes me different. Those are the kind of entrepreneurs that I really like to work with. I want you to be able to express who you truly are.” – Dr. Stephan Zavalin

To get your copy of Stephan’s Book 101 Creative Content Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners visit https://www.stefanzavalin.com/freebook

To learn more about Stephan visit https://www.stefanzavalin.com/about-stefan-zavalin


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