Episode 138: Taming the Tech Monster with Anke Herman

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 138

For Episode 138 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Anke Herman. Anke is passionate about living an “empty bucket list” life and helping others do the same. She works with coaches, therapists, authors, and other passionate free spirits to clarify, simplify, and implement the online tech needed to turn their big vision into a thriving business. Anke is the author of the book ‘Taming the Tech Monster’ and the host of the ‘Passion Business Podcast’.

In 2004, Anka quit her software developer career in London, moved to Spain, and started a sewing business, specializing in flamenco dance costumes. “Let’s see what happens,” was her business plan… Now, she brings her background in tech and everything she’s learned over the years about business, marketing, and psychology to help coaches and educators turn their big-picture ideas into sold-out online offers, without tech headaches.

Ready to remove your tech headaches and turn your big vision into a thriving business?

In this episode, Rennie and Anke cover:

01:57 How Anke’s grandma inspired her to put everything out there to help her clients realize their potential and their dreams.

04:09 The local charity that Anke supports – a dog rescue in her area.

05:09 Anke’s target market of clients who she helps to tame their technology.

07:00 How Anke’s first business – her sewing business in Spain was her biggest failure and what very important lessons about boundaries she learned from it.

11:57 A case study of a corporate trainer that Anke helped to bring her workshop vision to reality in a very short time.

14:33 How to get your free copy of Anke’s book ‘Taming the Tech Monster’ by visiting her website at https://ankeherrmann.com/wealthonanyincome.

15:35 Why Anke believes what looks like a tech problem never actually is!

“I have this incredibly strong urge to make the most of life and help others. I stumbled across a book by an Australian lady called Bronnie Ware it’s called, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. She was a nurse and she would basically talk to people at the end of their lives – she was there. And the one thing, number one – and I always tear up when I even think about it – number one regret, top regret of people is not having gone for their dreams, not having done what they really wanted to do. That gets me every time because I’ve seen it with my grandma. So literally, I’m out there to put everything I have on the table, anything I’ve learned, anything I know, any resources I have to make sure that people who come in contact with me won’t be one of the, won’t be those people who have those regrets. Like if you a dream, go for it”.
– Anke Herman

To get your free copy of Anke’s book ‘Taming the Tech Monster’ visit https://ankeherrmann.com/wealthonanyincome

To learn more about Anke visit https://ankeherrmann.com/

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