Episode 129: Living a Life of Freedom, Fun & Fulfillment with Jeni Holla – Transcript

Episode 129: Living a Life of Freedom, Fun & Fulfillment with Jeni Holla

Rennie Gabriel  00:09
Hi folks, welcome to Episode 129 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. This is where we talk about money tips, techniques, attitudes, information, and provide inspiration around your business and your money. I'm your host, Rennie Gabriel. In past episodes, we spoke about how to understand the numbers from your business, how to measure the level of pleasure based on where you spend your money, how to track your money in 5 to 10 seconds, what determines how close you are to Complete Financial Choice®, and how to run your business without being in your business. Last week, we had Dov Gordon, the leader of one of the best mastermind groups I've ever participated in. Today, we have as our guest, Jeni Holla. Driven by new experiences, connecting with people and a curiosity for life, Jeni is on a mission to help transform the lives on a deeper level. She made the difficult decision to leave her lucrative sales career and take the leap of faith into entrepreneurship to help unfulfilled professionals who are sick and tired of the day-in and day-out hustle and grind, how to find freedom and reignite their joy for life. So, in May of 2021, Jeni and her husband sold everything they owned, and embarked on a journey of a lifetime, traveling the United States as digital nomads. She loves to live life as a model of possibility for others, while helping them to create their very own Freedom Lifestyle Blueprint. Jeni, welcome to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast.

Jeni Holla  01:59
Yes, thank you. I love what you stand for on this podcast. And of course, my favorite line was how to find pleasure in the money that you're spending. I thought that was the best part.

Rennie Gabriel  02:11
Yeah, and because that's what allows the transformation when we ask ourselves questions like, did I get the level of pleasure I paid for? Is this in alignment with the goals and what I want to create in my life? Without questions of how we're spending our money, nothing's going to change. 

Jeni Holla  02:30
Totally, totally.

Rennie Gabriel  02:32
So, okay, Jeni. Got an idea of what you did, and sort of why you did it, but tell me more. I mean, okay, you're a digital nomad. I mean, what's really the inspiration behind this, besides, you know, the little bio that I read.

Jeni Holla  02:50
Of course. So a little bit about me is I've spent over 10 years in corporate America, and I was in a sales profession. So I moved up really quickly in sales and had all the accolades and all the successful things that people would run after, right - top achiever, made six figures by my mid 20s, bought a house mid 20s, wrote a book, published a book. I mean, I did a lot of stuff. And so I have all the checkmarks and I've always wanted to, I love traveling, I did two study abroads in college, I did one to Mexico, and I did one to Wales. I've always been super adventurous, and traveling, and my last sales job was national traveling the country. So I was all over. So why digital nomad? Well, basically the stuff I've always wanted to do, but my husband's more a homebody. And so it was suggested, and he actually said yes, which I about fell out of my seat. I was like, really? He said, 'Yeah, let's do it. Let's sell everything and go on the road'.

Rennie Gabriel  03:47
Wow, I got to tell you, I mean, I am your husband. I am a homebody. My wife says, If I never had to leave the house, I'd really be happy. So yeah, I just thought okay, yeah.

Jeni Holla  04:00
Well he just finished, well not just finished, but he basically had made our house so comfortable with like, we had all the smart lights and all the automations and you know, the right music and setup and comfort and everything. So he had really decked out the place. So leaving all those comforts was kind of tough. So when we started he said he wanted to go four, maybe six, Okay, Jeni, okay, I'll entertain 12 months, but probably six. You know, he was like, let's just play with it. So we sold everything started on the road, and about four months in, and we both had a conversation and he was like, I like this. Let's keep going. Like, all right, so here we are almost two years later.

Rennie Gabriel  04:38
That's fabulous. And, and I got to tell you, the thought of that seems so frightening to me. And when you said, you know, I'll go four, I'll go six, I'm thinking weeks.

Jeni Holla  04:52
Yep. Yeah, that's what most people do. I mean, I was talking to my mom, who definitely this is like, way out of her comfort zone. And I was telling her, in the past year and a half, I think I counted up all the places we had stayed and it was like 24 places. And she just was, couldn't even like wrap her head around it. She was like what? And actually, so today that we're recording this, it's February 15th, and we're in the location right now until March 1st. And my mom just texted me yesterday, and she's like, Where are you headed next? And I was like, I don't know. She just sent me like the "wow" face, like, how do you even do that? That doesn't make sense. So yes, it is a very different lifestyle.

Rennie Gabriel  05:32
Yeah, it's, I'm not able to wrap my head around it. So I understand. I'm in your mother's situation, not a problem. But now one of the things for all my guests deals with a picture bigger than themselves. As you know, I donate 100% of the profits from the work I do to charity because I can, and tell me about a cause or charity that's important to you that you support.

Jeni Holla  05:58
Yeah, for me, usually, like currently, just being wide open here. We're not currently supporting any charity. But when it does come up, I'm usually looking for the ones that have to do with turtles, ocean, environments, things like that. Actually, you know, one thing I'm doing here in Fort Walton Beach is there's, Ocean Hour, which is a group that helps clean up along like the coasts. And there's a chapter here in Fort Walton Beach. So every Saturday I've been going and helping pick up trash locally. And it's been so fun. Like, there's something so rewarding about picking up trash at these beautiful parks that are right on the ocean or the water, like so that's how I've been spending some of my time to help give back.

Rennie Gabriel  06:37
Yeah, and that's fabulous. As a matter of fact, one of the people on the podcast does that in Australia. And it's not just about giving money, but it's giving of yourself, giving your time. And the point is, I believe, you know, I know I am blessed. You sound blessed that you gave up something, you're living a lifestyle that you designed. And on that basis, I believe it's important to give back and you're doing that. So thank you, Jeni. Now let me ask you something else. Tell me about your target clients, target markets, Who is it that you do or want to support mostly?

Jeni Holla  07:16
So being straight up with this, this is something I have completely struggled with, like a lot on and off because I feel like what I offer and what my husband and I offer is like such a deep transformation that it doesn't really lie in the whole marketing realms of things. So I was just having a conversation with my husband this week. I was like, okay, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and professionals. And it's like, yeah, sure, because some of the people I've worked with have been lawyers, some of them are research professors at universities, some of them are in fact entrepreneurs. So it's really more about the who, like, for me, it's usually someone who's very spiritual-minded, who had ambition and goals are likely A-type and driven in some kind of way and wanting to, like undo some of the corporate programming or some of the societal programming about like how you're supposed to live life. And they are people who really want to go deeper into themselves, into their souls, into their authentic self. And they really want to live life by design, which I know is so cliche, but it's really, that's why we're, part of why we're doing this, because we want to set an example of what's possible. Not so, Rennie, you can come travel the world, but like, what is this version of this for you? You know what I'm saying? Like how can you live your own digital nomad lifestyle that you love that makes you happy, that lights you up? And really ultimately helps you be more fulfilled.

Rennie Gabriel  08:38
Beautiful. So yeah, it's not confined to any particular occupation, or executive position. 

Jeni Holla  08:46
Yeah, because it's really more about like the person and where they're at in their journey. That's really where it is. Like, the people that I work with are wanting to go a little bit deeper, have maybe done some of more of the surfacey personal development work, which is really important and very key. But they've kind of done that, right? They've gone on that circuit, and they're like, I want deeper, I want more. And they really want to like do shadow work. And they want to really dig in into their identity and identity shifting and want to really find out who they are at a core level, not who they've been, like showing up as for the world. So that's like, that's a lot of deeper work.

Rennie Gabriel  09:22
Yeah. And I get it, I understand it. And I can also tell you, I recognize it's not a fit for me, but I guarantee there are people listening to the podcast that say, Oh, I need to talk to Jeni. Now let me ask you this. What would you say was your biggest failure or learning experience, whether it was personal or business and what insight did you gain from that?

Jeni Holla  09:47
Well, you know, I'm sure you as well as the listeners have heard, you know, failures are all lessons, right. It's how we perceive them.

Rennie Gabriel  09:54
Hopefully they have.

Jeni Holla  09:55
Oh, right. If not, then it's time to turn it into a lesson. It's time to like propel forward into the lesson part because I think for me, the hardest thing that I feel like I've gone through is, you know, when I first started my journey as an entrepreneur, I had a business called Lifestyle Change International, I put my blood, sweat, tears, soul, everything into it. And what happened was, I really ultimately didn't believe in myself. And I let some of the outside forces, you know, I was in my early, mid 20s, and where people were like, Oh, you don't know what you're talking about to help people live their best life, you know, like, you need to teach people sales, because you're good at sales, or, you know. Like, all these different directions that I let people sway me in because I wasn't even 30 yet. And, you know, people were telling me all kinds of things. And I was just a sponge, and I listened to it all versus standing like in my ground and in my power. And so I think that shutting down Lifestyle Change International years ago, like that was tough. And then I went and hid back in the corporate world. Like, I went and hid back into what I was good at which yes, I'm really good at sales. But like, there's so much more. And so some of the lessons I learned is over the past 10 years, I've literally been writing the same thing over and over and over. A blank sheet in front of me, talk about helping people live their best life, finding out who their authentic self is, traveling more, more adventure, like I've been rewriting the same thing for 10 years. So really, the lesson in this is really believing in yourself, trusting in yourself, listening to yourself. And to be honest, I'm still unfolding and learning this lesson, because a lot of my life has been a lot of external validation from sports, from good grades in school, from, you know, parents with the pat on the back. And even with career, being like a leading producer all the time. So then kind of going out on your own and you don't have those external pats, you know, you're like, Oh, who's going to pat my back and tell me I'm awesome? Well, guess what? It's got to be you. Got to be yourself.

Rennie Gabriel  11:54
Yeah, that's beautiful. And one of the things that I learned, I used to own a pension administration company. And what I realized is, I didn't like working with engineers. One of the things when going through the pension plan design with an engineer, they ask, how was the watch made, they don't care what time it is. And I'd prefer to tell someone what time it is, and not show them how the watch was made. And I had the skill set and actually did that, where I would take apart the computer-generated retirement plan calculations, and show them how these calculations were created, and why it came up with the numbers it came up with. So I had that skill set and also recognize, if I had to do that for a living, I would kill myself.

Jeni Holla  12:47
That's a good realization.

Rennie Gabriel  12:48
So anyway, transition to what do I want to do, so I don't have to work for a living? And that's why the bulk of my income comes from investments. I don't have to do anything for it. That gives me the time to do the podcast, to network with other people and take care of my tenants. So, you know, I have a fulfilled life at this point - and I'm home.

Jeni Holla  13:17
That's your most important factor. You've been like that ever since we've met, I'm home, I'm home. I'm home. I've been here. This is where I'm at. 

Rennie Gabriel  13:25
You got it. 

Jeni Holla  13:26
Don't worry, I'm not going to make you go anywhere.

Rennie Gabriel  13:29
Thank you, I appreciate it. I think you've covered this, but I'm going to ask the question. I mean, you said, you know, people want to go deeper. They recognize, you know, there's more for it. Are these the typical feelings that your prospects experience? 

Jeni Holla  13:44
Yeah, I mean, you know, I was just thinking, I had a feeling you're asked this question next. So I was just thinking, because, some of my more recent clients that have come in, they're really looking for a sense of like, soul growth and soul purpose. And it's like they've had this block or series of blocks that have been holding them back. And honestly, it's really come down to self-worth and self-belief and all of that. And so, you know, I do tap into the spiritual side of things as well. And I share intuitive messages. So in some of those sessions, it's been like this activation that people have had leaving the session. So it's like, where someone has been stuck for quite some time, like after this session, they're like, Oh, my God, I'm doing this. I'm doing that. This happened. This fell off. This is going. I believe in myself. Now, I'm never going back. Like there's all these things that have been unfolding for them. So it's like a clarity and a sense of trust in who they are. So I think that's what I feel, you know, called to share right now is that's really what's been unfolding most recently with the clients I've been working with.

Rennie Gabriel  14:43
That's perfect, because I was actually going to ask you, is there a specific case study or person that you could speak about as an example of the work you do and the results that they get? The woman you're just talking to, what was she doing before? What's she doing now? 

Jeni Holla  15:00
Okay, so one of them, her name is Rena. And actually she's on my YouTube we chatted about. She will be here in a couple of weeks, she'll be on my YouTube and on my podcast. 

Rennie Gabriel  15:10
One of my investment advisors name is Rena, which is an uncommon name.

Jeni Holla  15:15
Oh, interesting. Yeah. So Rena came in and Rena had a brilliant message. And she's really about helping people who have been through some level of sexual abuse to really find themselves again, and she has a powerful story. She's been on Oprah, like she has a TED talk that's gone viral, where she's getting messages all the time about this. I mean, she's really doing great things, right? So when she came into the reading, there's just a couple of things in her life that were still kind of like stuck for her. And so when we worked together, so like with my spiritual reading, like I'm just sharing like a download of information that I'm receiving. And in the download, it literally answered all of her questions that she came to this session with. And with that, she was like, I don't even know what else to ask. And she's like, well, obviously, this isn't a problem anymore. This isn't a problem. I feel so activated. So now really, what it is, is she's standing more in her power. And funny enough, like through this, this was not one of her goals, but she ended up signing up for improv acting classes, which is going to help her in so many ways. And she's like, I would have never done this without working together. This is awesome. So it's just, it just opens up a ton of possibilities.

Rennie Gabriel  16:23
That is so terrific. Now, for those listeners who want to get in touch with you to find out more, I'm sure there's a way of getting in touch with you, even though you're not in the same place for more than a few weeks, you have a free resource that people can get. 

Jeni Holla  16:36
Yeah, so the best, the best free resource that is available right now is my podcast, the Life Adventurist Podcast. And so to get the link to that, if you just go to thelifeadventurist.com That'll take you, you'll see all the links, but you could just narrow in and go straight to the Life Adventurist Podcast, because right there, I'm really sharing like, all of the things that have to do with spirituality, travel, living your best life, like I'm pouring my heart and soul into that podcast, that is literally like the best place to kind of get like a free coaching, you know what I'm saying? Like, we're like, it's like, I'm in the room with you sharing like my heart and soul.

Rennie Gabriel  17:11
Terrific, okay. And I'm going to ask you, because I'm looking at my, what would be the show notes, and I don't see the actual URL for that. So please email that to me. So I can add it to the show notes, then people can just click on it and go right there.

Jeni Holla  17:27
I will definitely do that. 

Rennie Gabriel  17:28
Okay. And is there a question I should have asked you, that would give some additional value to those who are listening? 

Jeni Holla  17:36
Well, let's see. 

Rennie Gabriel  17:38
Well, I mean, something like what do you know, how could someone transition into this freedom lifestyle? 

Jeni Holla  17:44
Okay, that's a great question. I'm so glad you asked. So really, I think what it's about is if you have like a little itch inside of you, where you've listened, and you learn, you watch people on YouTube, or whatever, where you want to do this type of thing. How can you shut out the world and make the decision for yourself? Because it doesn't matter what grandma or mom or best friend or aunt says because are they living that type of lifestyle? No, I mean, honestly, if I came to you, and this is with all love and respect, Rennie, if I came to you, and I was like, You know what I'm thinking about selling everything and going on the road. You might be like, I don't know, you may want to think twice about that, like, are you sure? Right? You would give me all the information, all the things to be really cautious of and potentially maybe scare me out of making that decision. Because that's coming from like your frame of the world. Where you're standing. So if you really want it like, all right, how can you start setting yourself up for that? How can you begin to move in that direction, whether it be to start saving up points for travel, or to start, you know, using and aligning yourself with certain credit cards that give you points and allow you to do what you want, cashback or flights or whatever. And honestly, a great resource for that is that it's not mine, but the Daily Drop. It's by Karen and Nate Buchanan. They created that and they have a newsletter, a newsletter that shares all the ins and outs of like, travel hacking. And then they also have like a website where you can look up flights. You know what I'm saying, like, start moving in a direction and do it your way. Just because when we travel, we stay in Airbnbs. If you want to stay in a van, stay in a van. If you want to stay in an RV, stay in an RV. If you want to go volunteer on farms, and do it that way. If you want to couch surf, like how do you want to do it? What's going to honor you? Do it your way. There's always a way to make this work if you really want it.

Rennie Gabriel  19:34
And so perfect the way that you actually came into explaining that because yeah, if someone came to me and asked how do I live the nomad lifestyle, it's like, well, I could direct you to someone, but don't ask me to support you. But if you want to know how to create investments so that you don't have to work for a living, so you can choose to work or choose not to work, that I can help with.

Jeni Holla  20:01
Yeah. So go to Rennie, make the investments, figure out how to set yourself up. So you can like live this lifestyle that's based on play and not work, right? And then once you have this play money, come talk to me, and I'll help you, like, design this amazing life and help point you in a direction that serves you best. I mean, it's Oh, I love that. That is the perfect combo.

Rennie Gabriel  20:22
Terrific. Thank you, Jeni. Thank you so much for being on the show. This is definitely going to be a treat for a lot of my listeners. Again, thank you for being on the show.

Jeni Holla  20:34
Of course, it was a pleasure. It's fun. 

Rennie Gabriel  20:36
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