Episode 71: Keeping Your Customers Forever with Matt Champagne

Keeping Your Customers Forever with Matt Champagne

In Episode 71 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Dr. Matt Champagne. For 28 years, Dr. Champagne has been a researcher, university professor, and serial entrepreneur. His passion is to help you to keep your customers forever!

Matt was named “Technology Visionary” by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychology and technology to create never-before-seen customer feedback solutions. When not teaching, Matt can be found in the Caribbean SCUBA diving or on-stage playing keyboard in his rock band.

In this episode Rennie and Matt cover:

  • In Matt’s various roles he found he was always doing this one thing.
  • Why paying attention to your existing customers is important.
  • Customer Surveys and how they are used poorly.
  • Matt’s favorite charities including Meals by Grace https://mealsbygrace.org/
  • The “dark psychology” tactics used to sell.
  • Matt’s biggest mistake and what he learned from it.
  • How he helped a cruise line retain customers during the pandemic using good psychology vs tactics.
  • How to get Matt’s 9 principles to put into place to help you get more response from your audience to keep them focused on you.
  • Why building trust is so important.

To get Matt’s download – The 9 Principles of Customer Feedback visit http://matthewchampagne.com/wealth/

More About Matt

For two decades, Dr. Matthew Champagne has influenced survey and feedback practices in learning organizations worldwide as a researcher, university professor, author, serial entrepreneur and in-demand speaker. He has authored more than 75 articles, books and how-to guides with practical solutions for creating high-quality feedback tools and processes that have now been implemented at more than 600 organizations across the globe.

Dr. Champagne’s theories and empirical research spawned the web-based course evaluation industry in the late 1990s, and he helped create many of the innovative web-based technologies used today to improve the quality of training and customer service.

As Research Fellow and Senior Evaluator for the U.S. Army Research Institute, National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Energy, Sloan Foundation and Hewlett Foundation, Champagne advised 370 colleges and learning organizations on implementing feedback and evaluation systems to drastically improve customer retention, learning, and performance.

Dr. Champagne was named Technology Visionary of 2015 by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychological principles and online educational technologies.

For more information visit http://matthewchampagne.com/

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