Episode 65: Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth with Blair Dunkley

In Episode 65 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Blair Dunkley. Blair’s Mind Models have taken people from their lowest low to fulfilling lives for 40 years. His Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth training gives anyone a step-by-step process for taking control of any part of their life, but especially their ability to produce wealth.

Blair teaches that the secret is not your mindset, what you believe or what you think, but HOW you think.

In this episode Rennie and Blair cover:

  • Blair’s path to becoming a life skills coach.
  • When and how he discovered Mindset wasn’t ‘it’.
  • How his research led him to Mind Models and how much more effective they are.
  • The results he has received using Mind Models in business.
  • Wealth is a state of mind.
  • Two charity’s that are important to Blair.
  • How you can get a free 15-minute session with Blair and what to expect during the session.
  • Hourly-based thinking vs value-based thinking and how that can help grow your business exponentially.

To setup your free 15-minute session with Blair visit >> https://calendly.com/blairdunkley/15min

About Blair Dunkley, Profiler, Behavioral Researcher and Creator of Mind Models.

As a lifelong entrepreneur and CEO of Rewiring The Mind, Blair Dunkley provides the tools for rapid change and empowerment in life and business. He has devoted over 40 years to researching behavioral patterns, 37 of which he spent developing Mind Models and as head of behavioral research for Life Skills College, he developed a language-based profiling system. As a certified Master Trainer of Life Skills Coaches, then President & CEO, Blair has worked with people to change behavior for over 40 years.

Blair has created a completely different way to approach sales and sales training. It’s called, Igniting the Buying Conversation, IBC. Since almost nobody wants to be sold anymore, yet almost everybody loves or likes to buy… Maybe it’s time to change the model. Blair did just that… the result was more people buying… these attests to the effectiveness of IBC. Blair also created 3 counselling methodologies, Operant Effectual Counselling, OEC, being the major one, plus programs that include Mind Model Method Coach training and more.

A popular, passionate, and inspiring guest lecturer and keynote speaker, he has presented to a wide range of groups encompassing online and off-line entrepreneurs, CEOs, Sales Teams, and working professionals to undergraduate and postgraduate students. He has trained individuals and corporations from a wide range of industries, from Network Marketing to construction and staffing companies, email marketing companies, to oil and gas, as well as internationally recognized museums and scientific research organizations, colleges, and universities. Currently, he runs the training firm ReWiring The Mind where he passionately help clients achieve new heights in business and life.

You can connect with Blair for a free 15-minute call at https://calendly.com/blairdunkley/15min

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