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Rennie Gabriel  00:09
Hi, folks, welcome to Episode 52 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. This is where we talk about money tips, techniques, attitudes, information and provide inspiration. I'm your host, Rennie Gabriel. In past episodes, we spoke about how to build an income and expense report, how to measure the level of pleasure based on where you spend your money, how to track your money in 5 - 10 seconds, what to look for on a net worth statement to see how close you are to Complete Financial Choice®. Last week, our guest was Tanya Hood, who spoke about how to get your financial life back on track after a divorce. Today, we have as our guest, Bill Heinrich. Bill is a master at clarity and a high-level business coach with clients worldwide. With 50 years of business experience, he's the author of three books focused on gaining clarity about your life, your passion, and your purpose. Bill, welcome to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. 

Bill Heinrich  01:08
Thank you, Rennie, it's great to be here. 

Rennie Gabriel  01:11
Well, good. Let's get right to some questions. Explain what you do and why you do it.

Bill Heinrich  01:18
What I do is help people get clarity. I could go into some pretty long explanations on this actually. Because I transformed my whole life about 25 years, approximately 25 years ago, I walked away from my life because I was so miserable and was really on a search to find out why. And in the course of over this past 25 years, I have learned so many things, all the resources and information that's available to everyone that can really have you a lot, give you much more clarity about your life, your purpose, how to live more passionately, purposely, and prosperous very easily. Very easily. So I've taken that, I now do, I do business coaching, as you know. We've started a little over a year ago the Six Minute Webinar. And well of course, we have our, also have our TV show and radio show associated with that. So, I have a lot going on. And my commitment about 15 years ago, was to only be involved in what I would call "give back" projects. And those are projects that do good for the world. It isn't about making money. It isn't about finding something where I can, you know, make the big score, where I can be involved in the land deal or whatever it may be. It's about supporting people who need clarity, who are really providing worthy services that help others achieve that and live a better life. So I'll give you one example of that. One client I had - I actually lived in Hawaii for five years - had a client that had an organic Noni farm. In fact you and I spoke about Noni. 

Rennie Gabriel  03:20
Yes, I do remember that. Yeah. 

Bill Heinrich  03:22
And, but Noni's a medicinal fruit that's extremely miraculous. It's a pure fruit, this is no heebie-jeebie, you know. This is a miracle thing. It's one of the 22 plants that people from French Polynesia brought to Hawaii when they took off in their canoes 2500 years ago, so they'd have their medicine. And I helped him build his business significantly, which has touched 10s of 1000s of people around the world. So these are the type of clients that I like to work with, that are helping people live and contribute at a higher level. And that's my entire focus. 

Rennie Gabriel  04:00
Well, that makes a lot of sense from the standpoint of, you know, instead of just supporting a particular charity, what I'm hearing is you're supporting the people who have an impact in the world in some way. As an example. I remember my business coaching, and the work that I'm doing now is designed to have other people be more philanthropic. I'm philanthropic as well. And you are through the work that you're doing by supporting other people. So . . . 

Bill Heinrich  04:32

Rennie Gabriel  04:33
That makes a lot of sense. 

Bill Heinrich  04:35
In the Six Minute Webinar, in fact, you're a classic example of that, because we invite . . . Right? We invited you to our boot camp. You came. You have much more clarity about your business, about how to explain it to other people. From that, that's morphed into having you on our radio show to get the word out more. I believe you just finished a whole series with Jim on the TV show.

Rennie Gabriel  05:03
Yeah, we did five hours of episodes Monday through Friday.

Bill Heinrich  05:07
Right. And then your charity, Shelter to Soldier . . . We actually had Justin on and had an incredible interview with him on our radio show about Shelter to Soldier. 

Rennie Gabriel  05:21

Bill Heinrich  05:21
And one of the things I love the most of that was this was the first time he did a radio interview. So he's in his process of healing, learning how to break through barriers, and this was a new barrier for him that he shattered, just being able to talk publicly about it and answering questions and having a conversation on the radio.

Rennie Gabriel  05:43
Yeah. Fabulous. Thank you, Bill.

Bill Heinrich  05:47
I have no idea how many people we've touched in our, just in that aspect with you. And the other . . .

Rennie Gabriel  05:56
Yeah, there's that ripple effect. Yup. 

Bill Heinrich  05:59
But I'm - my commitment is to be in the background. My choice is to not be seen, from the, where I'm getting recognition. I'd rather be supporting others that have things that really help people. There are so many people doing so many good things with all the terrible news out in the world today, there are just millions of people doing amazing things. And when we see an opportunity - when I see an opportunity -to support someone from behind the scenes, you know, and an example would be the farmer in Hawaii. His business is 10 times the size that it was. 

Rennie Gabriel  06:54

Bill Heinrich  06:55
Which means there are that many more people living in a higher form of wellness and living without aches and pains and problems that they've had because of this incredible, miraculous fruit. He just, he doesn't make a product, he just, this is just - Noni is just a fruit. So then they're sharing it with other people, you know. So . . . 

Rennie Gabriel  06:55

Bill Heinrich  07:16
There's so many different ways to help. And he also has an organic farm, fully sustainable organic farm, and it's thriving now. So there's just, and it's supporting the community - it's on the island of Kauai - it's supporting the community there with the people who are working for him and saw it. So it just, you know, the ripple effect is, it's a lot more than a ripple in my eyes.

Rennie Gabriel  07:48
Yeah, more like waves. 

Bill Heinrich  07:50
Yeah, I mean, if you just look at, for instance, the work we did with you in the Six Minute Webinar, and the work that you do in teaching people how to become more philanthropic. 

Rennie Gabriel  08:01

Bill Heinrich  08:02
What is the economic impact of that on charities in places that need support over the next 10 years? It's impossible to identify it. But I would dare say it's going to be quite significant.

Rennie Gabriel  08:17
Yeah, it's yeah, it becomes hard to measure because of how many people get reached beyond the individual you're working with. Well, let me ask you, what was your biggest -whether personal or business - failure?

Bill Heinrich  08:34
Well, you know, I lived a life of failure from a very young child till my 40s really. It was a real struggle. I didn't understand life. I have wisdom and gifts that don't fit into the normal, day-to-day acumen of business. And so because of that, I had very low self-esteem. I was living a facade. I was only interested in making money and having things on the outside so I could be seen as successful, and have people like me, and that's how I got my love. And I was a millionaire before I was 30. I was broke when I was 32. You know, I didn't have the capacity to sustain it and hold it. 

Rennie Gabriel  09:18

Bill Heinrich  09:18
Because, you know, when you build a castle on sand, it doesn't stand very long. Right? 

Rennie Gabriel  09:24

Bill Heinrich  09:25
So, I mean, I could go into many different failures - many of them - but you know it was in about 1995 I decided to change. I just couldn't take it anymore. I was so miserable. It's two days after Christmas. I was in a relationship with a woman. And I just said, this voice just, I don't know, it hit me, Rennie, and I literally at nine o'clock at night in a snowstorm in Lake Tahoe, walked out the front door of the house, just said, "I'm so miserable. I've got to go find out why." I never came back, changed everything except my name. So and that's what I've been doing ever since. And showing other people how to do that at the same time. So, and this is what's led me to becoming really a master at clarity, because of the things I've learned in that process. So when you talk about failure, you know, I've had many.

Rennie Gabriel  10:20
I get it. And it's, it's out of, you know, there's a lot of expressions that say, the teacher teaches what they most want to learn. The people do work that's the most important to them personally. And my struggles with money all my life led me to teaching other people how to avoid that.

Bill Heinrich  10:38
It's  - exactly, exactly. 

Rennie Gabriel  10:41

Rennie Gabriel  10:41
And so even in the course of that, I was still involved in normal business. And my most recent failure, since my transformation 25 years ago, during that course, was 2008. The big crash, the housing financial crash, where I was working on a massive real estate project in Williams, Arizona, outside of Flagstaff, handling this 256-acre, high-end development. I was handling all the financing for lots, the takeout financing. I mean, everything it was just, it was gone. And in fact, Great . . . I can't think of the name of the mortgage company I was associated with. As this happened, I was working at this mortgage company because I knew they'd have their pulse on it. And it was August 8 of that year, the President called the people - I was at the main office - into the conference room and said, "We're out of business." And, I mean, and I was in Phoenix, and my house, which was worth 600,000 was sold 18 months later for 200. 

Rennie Gabriel  11:59

Bill Heinrich  12:00
I mean, it was, and it was then it was at that moment that it was like, okay, no more chasing money. No more. You only only "give back" projects. So that's what it's been ever since, since 2008. So that's 15 years. 

Rennie Gabriel  12:16

Bill Heinrich  12:17
And it's, it's fascinating. It's been a fascinating journey.

Rennie Gabriel  12:21
Yeah. And it's funny to the parallels, because I've purchased a house for my daughter in Las Vegas. And in 2008, it had like, $400,000 of loans. I don't know what the value was. Let's say it was also worth 600,000. And it sold for $200,000. 

Bill Heinrich  12:41

Rennie Gabriel  12:42
And yeah. So I've gone through a very similar experience, which is, again, why I'm more concerned with supporting people with their money and avoiding those kinds of things. What would you say - I'm gonna guess it's similar - but what are the common mistakes that the solopreneurs have that you work with?

Bill Heinrich  13:06
That's a really interesting question. The biggest mistake that people make, is they don't understand that everything they do on the outside is determined by how they feel on the inside. And when you learn about the inner game, and the way your emotions, control the decisions you make, it's an instant game changer. Because you can't have an emotion - see, we're stepping into my real area of expertise is in business. I'm a business coach, but I never taught business. 

Rennie Gabriel  13:47

Bill Heinrich  13:47
The inner game. You can't have an emotion, Rennie, without a story.

Rennie Gabriel  13:53
Mm hmm. 

Bill Heinrich  13:54
It's impossible. And we have these stories from childhood that have been built up and protected. And this is what runs everybody's life. Even mine today.

Rennie Gabriel  14:12
Believe me I get it - I talk frequently about having been a latchkey child when I was growing up, and then in my 40s, finally coming to the awareness that having the attitudes and belief systems of a five-year-old are not the correct way to run an adult body. Yeah.

Bill Heinrich  14:33
It's, it's so true. In fact, I give one of my keynote talks, the title of it is, My Life is out of Control - and Yours is too. Because that's the truth of the matter. 

Rennie Gabriel  14:51

Bill Heinrich  14:51
And the proof is, your life isn't out of control? Okay. What day is it you're going to die? Let's work back from there. And the answer is, I have no idea. So we literally have no control. We do the best we can. Our ego tells us, I mean, everything I'm speaking about are all the things you talk about in the coaching that you do, is the how the ego controls us to drive us for desires, rather than just handling our needs and the difference between those things. They're all emotional components. So when we understand that we're being driven emotionally, you know, like I talk about for instance - and you'll like this - the difference between responsibility and accountability. We all grow up and are taught accountability. Yet we say we're responsible when we aren't.

Rennie Gabriel  15:54

Bill Heinrich  15:54
And the difference between the two is, with accountability, you're always a victim. 

Rennie Gabriel  16:02

Bill Heinrich  16:02
With responsibility, you're making good choices, the best choice you can make for yourself, regardless of what else is going on, making sure that you're there for the benefit of all. And being responsible to the choice you make. Like for instance, people say, "Well, I can't leave my job." It's like, you're wrong. You can walk out right now. You're accountable to the paycheck, because you've built up bills and debt. 

Rennie Gabriel  16:32

Bill Heinrich  16:32
And you want to stay in survival. But when you have pure choice, you know . . . I've got one client who actually is in the financial services, very successful gentlemen, I've worked with him quite a while. The very first call, I was like, what's troubling you. "Well, I've got this thing I want to complete, and they won't let me do it. And it's the only way." And I said, "Well hold it. There are millions of different ways you can do it." "Oh, no, there aren't." I said, "This is where you and I are off track right away. There are millions of ways". So fixed on the ego and logic driving what his expectation was, rather than being able to make a conscious choice. And this is the way people live, myself included, like, none of us are protected from it. We're here to learn. 

Rennie Gabriel  17:24
Exactly. Well . . .

Bill Heinrich  17:26
So when you come from the stand point . . . go ahead.

Rennie Gabriel  17:28
Because you know, we're running out of time, and I want to be sure that people can get further support to solve this issue and create the clarity that, you know, supports them and supports other people. Is there a valuable free resource that you can direct people to?

Bill Heinrich  17:48
You know, there is. I have a book I wrote, it's called, Clarity Has No Story.

Rennie Gabriel  17:55
And I know, let's see, is there a cost to the Six Minute Webinar? Because I know that provided so much clarity for me.

Bill Heinrich  18:04
Yes, yes there is. If people would like my book, they can get this book, they can get it free. And all they have to do is go to myfreebook.me, m e - and they can get, Clarity Has No Story. Because when you have clarity, Rennie, there is no story. And I know, if you look at the work you do, teaching people how to build Wealth On Any Income, when you have clarity about where you're going, no stories come into play. Right? 

Rennie Gabriel  18:38
That's right. 

Bill Heinrich  18:39
If stories come into play, you're in trouble.

Rennie Gabriel  18:41
Yeah, they just get in the way.

Bill Heinrich  18:44
It confuses things. It takes you off track. The Six Minute Webinar we do, you can go to sixminutewebinar.com. We do a monthly boot camp. That boot camp is a three-hour live training by Don McGrath and myself where we teach business people how to speak to their perfect client and help them create a six minute script that's so powerful, it's impossible to describe. And I know that you will vouch for that.

Rennie Gabriel  19:12
Absolutely. Yes.

Bill Heinrich  19:14
The boot camp . . . the boot camp is $149. And it's worth much, much more than that. I spent 10s of 1000s of dollars trying to find that information. And we deliver that in a three-hour live seminar for 149 bucks. And I think your quote was, I've been searching for trying to find this information for 40 years. And it was so simple once you really got focused in with clarity on it.

Rennie Gabriel  19:45
That's correct. It was amazing the level of clarity that was produced from it and and I thank you for that. And thank you for being on the show. 

Bill Heinrich  19:56
Thank you for having me. 

Rennie Gabriel  19:59
My pleasure. And to my listeners, thank you for tuning in. You can listen to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast on your favorite platform. And please rate, review and subscribe. And if you'd like to know how books, movies and society programs you to be poor, and what the cure is, then log on to wealthonanyincome.com/TEDx, you'll hear my TEDx talk and can request a free 27-page roadmap to Complete Financial Choice® and receive a weekly email with tips, techniques or inspiration around your business or money. Again, that's, wealthonanyincome.com/TEDx. And in the show notes, you'll also see myfreebook.me and the sixminutewebinar.com links. And next week, our guest will be Chala Dincoy. If you want to know how to sell to major corporations like Pepsi, Pizza Hut or Frito Lay, Chala would have been the person you would talk to at those companies. So tune in next week. And until next week, be prosperous. Bye bye for now.

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