Wealthy Mindset Series #30

It’s Never Too Late   

As you know, one of the most important keys to creating wealth is the right attitude. In Series #29 we spoke about how and why the wealthy recharge.

In the series today we will talk about how it is never too late to create financial abundance.

While I planned that my last article of the series would be how the wealthy recharge, after a conversation with a dear friend (and my accountability partner for over 25 years), I decided to add this very important concept to the series; it is never too late.

While the book by David Bach, Start Late, Finish Rich, says the same thing in about 330 pages, my friend Ralf is the ideal example of the concept it is never too late. He was only divorced once when we first met around 1992 in a course through Landmark Education. Later we both coached business owners through a course called the Entrepreneurial Edge.

Ralf sold his manufacturing business to a large national company in exchange for $1 million in stock, and the company later went bankrupt and his stock was worthless. Ralf went through another marriage and divorced after about ten years. At age 65 his net worth was a negative $250,000. That is a quarter of a million dollars LESS than zero.

But Ralf has a great attitude and is a great business coach. He continued to work and focused on rebuilding his net worth, which is now near one million dollars. The following is his philosophy:

  • The Secret of Life: There is only time. You are born, you have time, and then you die. What you have is based on where you spent your time.
  • Your "wants" are where you have not spent your time. To obtain your "wants" you must spend your time, or someone else must spend their time for you.
  • The Purpose of Life: Do work you love; to earn money to have a comfortable lifestyle; and to have free time to spend with those you love, doing what you love.

In a previous article I spoke about how Melissa had a plan at age 13 to become a doctor. Ralf started over from broke at 65. I started over from broke at age 50.

It is never too late to create financial abundance if you focus your energies and have a plan.

In the next, and last, article of the series we will list all the attitudes of the wealthy we have covered over the past 30 weeks.

To Your Prosperity,