Episode 148: What Separates the Wealthy from the Ordinary

Episode 148: What Separates the Wealthy from the Ordinary

In Episode 148 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie shares the attitudes of financially wealthy people and how they differ from that of the ordinary. And how a change in your attitude and mindset can shift you from ordinary to wealthy when you take action on that new mindset.

Do you practice the attitudes that separate the wealthy from the ordinary?

In this episode, Rennie covers:

01:02 Rennie shares how instead of paying off debt, he took action to create net worth so he could choose whether to work or not.

01:59 What inspired him to share these attitudes of ordinary people compared to the attitudes of the wealthy, and why he prefers to use those terms over rich vs. poor.

03:05 How you can take a deeper dive into this topic by purchasing Rennie’s book Attitudes of the Wealthy at https://wealthonanyincome.com/books.

03:47 T. Harv Eker says that rich people think big and poor people think small – but Rennie encourages us to think about defining what is big vs. small.

04:41 The first 3 attitudes of the wealth vs that of the ordinary – which attitudes do you currently adopt?

05:28 The last of 6 attitudes for you to consider and define for yourself which are applicable to you.

“Rich versus poor is too black-and-white. I also find the terms demeaning. And because someone appears rich, does not mean they’re wealthy. You can see rich – fancy cars, fancy clothes, fancy houses. People who are showing off the amount of money they’re earning, you cannot see wealthy, you don’t know if someone has reserves. If they have investment real estate, if they have a large stock portfolio, or if they have significant passive income. The wealth you don’t see the rich you can see.” – Rennie Gabriel

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