Episode 147: Realizing the Value of your IP Assets with Mitch Axelrod

Episode 147: Realizing the Value of your IP Assets with Mitch Axelrod

For Episode 147 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Mitch Axelrod. Mitch is a 45-year entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, advisor, and #1 Wall St. Journal, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon bestselling author. He has delivered 3,500 seminars, workshops, keynotes, executive briefings, and coaching clinics to more than a million people on business, entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, values, intellectual property, and life skills.

Mitch has appeared in dozens of media and taught at NYU, USC, Notre Dame, and Harvard. He has helped his clients generate $3 billion of revenue.

Do you know the value of your intellect and IP (intellectual property)?

In this episode, Rennie and Mitch cover: 

02:20 How Mitch’s experience as a 16-year-old helped him to create his life’s mantra that still serves him today.

03:58 Mitch gives away 10% of his time each year and has helped hundreds of others – he believes that time is irreplaceable and extremely valuable.

05:16 Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and how Mitch likes to reduce things to an elemental level.

06:01 The two target markets that Mitch works with and how he helps them to generate millions of dollars.

07:39 An example of how Mitch threw away the box to sell a chapter of his book for the same value as his whole book.

09:21 Mitch shares with us his biggest business failure and how that led him to embrace doing what he loved.

10:44 The lesson Mitch learned from that is to not be wedded to your ideas – that the way you think something should be may be limiting you to have peripheral vision as well.

12:51 How to get in touch with Mitch. You can get his video The New Game of Selling & Service by visiting http://www.thenewgameofselling.com or learn to sell, rent and license your IP with his video The New Game of IP visit http://www.thenewgameofip.com. You can also email Mitch directly at MitchellAxelrod@gmail.com.

13:58 Mitch shares with us why more people don’t throw the box away and realize the value of their intellect and their intellectual property.

“If I could tell my 30-year-old self something what would I tell them? And fortunately, I had my failure relatively early in my 30’s so I still had time to recover. That bounce-back ability, adaptability, flexibility is more important than ever. You can’t get wedded to your ideas, your thinking, I have a full book I’ve been threatening to come out with for years. I have about 100 original quotes. And one of them is – Is the way you think it should be stopping you from having it the way it could be” – Mitch Axelrod

To get Mitch’s videos The New Game of Selling & Service visit
http://www.thenewgameofselling.com or learn to sell, rent and license your IP – The New Game of IP visit http://www.thenewgameofip.com 

You can also email Mitch directly at MitchellAxelrod@gmail.com

To learn more about Mitch visit http://mitchaxelrod.com/about-mitch/

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