Episode 145: Helping Families Master the Basics of Money & Business with Minesh Baxi

Episode 145: Helping Families Master the Basics of Money & Business with Minesh Baxi

For Episode 145 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Minesh Baxi. Having been born into a poor family in India, Minesh came to the USA, working in the IT industry. He then transitioned to becoming a business and financial coach. Today, he helps families master the basics of money and business so they can enjoy a great life.  

Minesh has published over 10 books, including Million Dollar Team Secrets and The Secret To Rich and Rewarding Relationships at Work and Home. He currently lives in Florida, with his wife and two children, who he home-schooled.

Are you ready to master the basics of money and business? 

In this episode, Rennie and Minesh cover:

02:25 Minesh shares his journey from coming to the US from India and becoming a business and financial coach by betting on himself.

05:13 Why Minesh feels it is crucial to have someone willing to confront you and support you in your goals in order for you to take action.

06:47 Minesh encourages you to take action and reach out to someone like himself or Rennie to help you take the steps to make progress.

08:36 The charities and not-for-profits that are most important to Minesh, are anything involving individual freedom and how he supports them. 

10:07 An example of a family that Minesh supported to ensure that they had financial choice and security during a difficult time.

15:18 The two questions Minesh suggests that we ask ourselves.

 16:02 How you can get in touch with Minesh – by calling him at 248-866-0063 and he will send you a free copy of his 30-minute video.

18:31 With 78% of people living paycheck to paycheck how Minesh is looking to support you to remove that stress from your life.

There is something about changing behavior, that unless you are willing to meet somebody, talk to somebody and that person is going to actually help you go through that process, there is nothing which is going to really change in your lifeIf you are somebody who’s watching this, listening to this, please reach out to somebody like me or Rennie, who is going to actually help you take the steps without actually making you feel judged and anything like that, so that you can make the progress. Because 78% of people live paycheck to paycheck.” – Minesh Baxi

To contact Minesh and get a free copy of his 30-minute video call him at 248-866-0063 or visit ucanwin.com

To learn more about Minesh visit his website at https://mbaxi.com/

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