Episode 143: Jumpstart Your Life & Business Success with Katrina Sawa

Episode 143: Jumpstart Your Life & Business Success Doing What You Love with Katrina Sawa

For Episode 143 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Katrina Sawa. Katrina is known as the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach because she helps entrepreneurs make a lot more money doing what they love. She is passionate about finding the holes and opportunities for business owners to monetize more of what they’re doing and also to systematize and automate so they can work less and make more. Katrina is an International Award-Winning Speaker and a 12-time International Best-Selling Author with 20 books.

Katrina hosts an active mastermind group with highly motivated entrepreneurs who want more. She also hosts numerous training events, speaker summits and online giveaways to help others get a jumpstart fast. She lives in Northern California with her husband Jason, stepdaughter Riley and their loving dog Luna. She loves entertaining, cooking, wine tasting, and speaking to groups of all sizes on how to make fast cash with consistent revenue generation strategies.

Are you ready to jumpstart your life and business?

In this episode, Rennie and Katrina cover:

02:19 Katrina shares how and why she got started helping business owners with their marketing and sales.

04:09 Why Katrina believes it is important to nurture your existing customers as well as get new leads. 

04:49 Katrina’s work helping nonprofits with marketing and why she also supports cancer charities.

06:06 Katrina’s favorite market to work with and why she loves to help them connect with the right market.

07:16 What Katrina considers her biggest “lesson” and what she learned from the few she has had in her life.

09:07 A case study of a client that Katrina has worked with to create her happiest life – including what she wanted in the love side of her life AND the money side of her life. 

11:14 Where you can get some free resources from Katrina’s website by visiting jumpstartyourbiznow.com/freetrainings/.

12:10 What Katrina tells people who say that they find sales and marketing difficult and want to know how to do it easily and authentically.

I love to work with people who have unlimited earning potential. So mostly coaches and consultants because you can charge whatever the heck you want. When people ask me,  ‘How much should I charge for this or my hour, whatever?’ I say, ‘As much as you can say without stuttering is what you should charge’. But when you’re selling a widget or a roof, you can only charge so much. When you’re charging for your own expertise and your time, it’s really unlimited. I mean, I’ve paid $18,000 for one day with somebody before, right? So, you can charge whatever you want. People are so scared – they’re scared sometimes to raise their rates. And you have got to get beyond that. They say, ‘Well, the people aren’t even buying at the rate that I have now’. Well, that’s because you’re not talking to enough of the right people.” – Katrina Sawa

Get access to Katrina’s free training page with its many resources at jumpstartyourbiznow.com/freetrainings/

To learn more about Katrina visit https://jumpstartyourbiznow.com/about/

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