Episode 140: Making Better Money Decisions with Brad Barrett

Episode 140: Making Better Money Decisions with Brad Barrett

For Episode 140 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Brad Barrett. Brad is a Managing Director with One Capital Management advising private individuals and families on their personal investment and advanced planning needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, he is passionate about finding new ways to educate investors. Having the heart of a teacher, he also shares his knowledge and experience through his weekly YouTube, Podcast and Radio Show, “Make Your Money Matter”.

Also a sought-after public speaker, Brad has educated thousands of people planning for financial freedom across the country. His book, Retire Right, hit the shelves in 2021 and serves as a guideline to aligning goals and objectives when it comes to investment and financial planning. Brad has a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Arizona State University. He is a CPA™ and member of Kingdom Advisors.

Are you interested in how to make better decisions with your money?

In this episode, Rennie and Brad cover:

01:52 Brad’s unique story of what inspired him to get involved in personal investment.

05:08 How we learn lessons at all the different ages and stages of life and the psychology of money.

07:21 Brad’s philanthropic approach which includes focusing on helping first responders in particular the Los Angeles Fire and Police Departments.

09:53 Why Brad believes we are brought into certain areas of life for a reason – to help.

11:41 How Brad shares with his clients that their measure of success or your identity should not be about money and how important it is to not do it alone.

14:55 Brad encourages people to find value in the team they are working with.

16:26 Brad shares more about the motivation he had at 16 to learn more about finances and money and how sometimes the mistakes we make aren’t even our fault.

17:00 How to connect with Brad by tuning into his podcast, the Make Your Money Matter Show at https://www.youtube.com/@makeyourmoneymatter or by visiting https://onecapital.com.

“I can spend hours probably on one or two just case studies with just one client that most some people would think or remember, it’s also how we define success, right? This world nowadays, right or wrong, we define it with a certain dollar amount. And I always show people that money should not be your worth or your identity. You have got to be careful there, especially males I talked about it a lot with – with male counterparts. We have a tendency to get wrapped up in the identity, and the worth of that. But what I was getting at there is understanding that wealth – well said it’s a team – no person I’ve seen be successful in the world’s eyes, or in just their family eyes, have done it alone.” – Brad Barrett

To tune into Brad’s podcast, the Make Your Money Matter Show visit https://www.youtube.com/@makeyourmoneymatter

To learn more about Brad visit https://onecapital.com/brad-barrett.html

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