Episode 135: How to be Fearless in Your Pricing with Filip Fučić

Episode 135: How to be Fearless in Your Pricing with Filip Fučić

For Episode 135 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Filip Fučić. Filip is a business analyst by trade who specializes in price increases for undervalued solopreneurs, experts, and other service providers who offer great value but find it difficult to explain what they do. If you feel you might be undervaluing your products or services or just want to increase your prices or fees, listen to this episode with Filip. You will hear exactly how to make more money from what you are already doing.

Filip is also a founder of a crushed startup and worked on several IT spinoffs as a marketing manager before his dad got sick and he became a freelancer to spend time with him. Above all he is a dad of two boys and a massive fan of Lego.­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Are you undervaluing your product or service?

In this episode, Rennie and Filip cover:

02:01 Filip explains more about what he does, why it is important to him, and the experts’ paradox.

05:14 How our school systems don’t teach and create businesspeople – primarily they create employees.

07:19 Filip’s charitable work with entrepreneurs and local NGO’s (non-government organization).

09:09 A case study with one of Filip’s pro-bono clients that was a great success for her.

14:32 Filip’s crushed IT company and what he learned from that experience.

17:44 Why it is important to charge what you are worth for your client and yourself.

20:34 How to get Filip’s 150+ free resources on negotiation, pricing, scope control, and more at https://fearless-pricing.com/start-here/

23:16 Filip shares how to know if your price is too low. 

“When you’re an expert, when you’re good at something, most people that you sell to don’t really understand the full value of what you can bring them by definition. And nobody wants to pay for the value that they don’t see. So I help people communicate their value in a way that is closer to their clients, because we can all speak pretty fluently in front of our colleagues.” – Filip Fučić

To get access to Filip’s free resources on negotiation, pricing, scope control, and more visit   https://fearless-pricing.com/start-here/

To learn more about Filip visit https://fearless-pricing.com/about/

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