Episode 127: Launching Your Business as a Frugalpreneur with Sarah St John

Episode 127: Launching Your Business as a Frugalprenuer with Sarah St John

For Episode 127 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Sarah St John. Sarah is an entrepreneur, podcaster, online course creator, and author. She has created several startups throughout her entrepreneurial career of over a decade. 

Through her books and podcast,“Frugalpreneur: Building a Business on a Bootstrapped Budget”, Sarah’s goal is to show you how to launch and manage an online business on a budget.

Think you can’t afford to launch an online business? Become a frugalpreneur!

In this episode, Rennie and Sarah cover:

02:05 Sarah’s journey to becoming a Frugalpreneur and how sharing that knowledge led to her podcast success.

04:04 Some favorite charities that Sarah supports including DFW Pug Rescue, which is dear to her heart and how she sponsors a child with Compassion International.

05:12 The target markets that Sarah can help with her Frugalpreneur book and podcast and also those interested in starting a podcast.

 06:12 Sarah overcame shiny object syndrome and used her research from launching her own business on a budget to help others.

07:41 How Sarah helps others by noticing where her research could help save others some money.

09:24 Sarah shares a couple of recommendations of software for you to consider for your online business (see the links below)

10:59 How to get in touch with Sarah and learn more about her and the work she does at thesarahstjohn.com

“I decided to go into an online business model but wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So, I tried everything that I could think of blogging, affiliate marketing, drop shipping… It was in that process that I discovered, all these free or affordable tools, resources, and software that people can use to run an online business on a budget. So, I got the idea to write a book called Frugalpreneur, kind of talking about the different types of online business models and how to run them on a budget. And then I got the idea to launch a podcast, also called Frugalpreneur to coincide with the book.” – Sarah St John

A few resources Sarah mentioned during the podcast.
SendFox https://sendfox.com/ for email marketing
System.io https://systemio.com for landing pages and sales funnels

To listen to Sarah’s podcast “The Frugalpreneuer” visit https://www.frugal.show/

To learn more about Sarah visit her website https://www.thesarahstjohn.com/ or https://podseam.com

To order one of her books visit her Amazon Author Page at https://www.amazon.com/stores/Sarah-St-John/author/B07R8RGP3W

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