Episode 125: Embrace the Marketing Shift for the New Renaissance with David Muntner

Episode 125: Embrace the Marketing Shift for the New Renaissance with David Muntner

For Episode 125 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by David Muntner.

David is the visionary, leader, and founder of Renaissance Messaging. He fell into marketing because it is the one area of business that allows him to tap into his endless supply of curiosity. He has written marketing messaging for over a hundred top leaders and influencers in fields from law to witchcraft to science to finance to cryptocurrency.  

In 2020, David had the vision to form a collective of curiosity-driven, renaissance men and women to offer radically different and more effective marketing strategies based on truth and authenticity. David has been a sculptor, a writer, a personal trainer, and a marketer. He also currently enjoys writing and playing music on a wide range of instruments.

Do you need to shift your marketing messaging?

In this episode, Rennie and David cover:

02:16 David shares his marketing messaging journey and the why behind Renaissance Messaging.

06:12 How David sees marketing as a skillset and how he applies it to his music career. 

07:15 David’s charity of choice Hope to Haiti and how his friend Scott inspired him to get involved.

 08:50 David describes the type of clients his 6-person team works with at Renaissance Messaging.

11:50 A case study of a coach that David worked with.

12:46 A couple of David’s biggest failures in his business and music careers, and the important insights that he learned from them.

16:05 David’s free gifts to you – his music on Spotify as Davey Harris and if you are one of the first 5 people to email him at david@renaissancemessaging.com, David or a team member will reply and schedule you for a complimentary marketing consultation (thousands of dollars of value!).

“I co-created a course with a dear friend and mentor Yannick Silver, called Evolved Expression, and it was all about copywriting, from a place of authenticity, as opposed to deception… There’s a lot of training around polishing turds out there – and I like polishing turds as much as the next person, but it’s really good to just create something awesome from the start and then to make sure that you’re effectively positioning or promoting the best parts. In the same way that if you were selling a home or something, you want a professional photographer to come in and have the best angles, and it’s not actually lying about it, it’s just they have the right view, so that you can, you know, present the home in a way that it deserves to be presented”. – David Muntner

To get access to David’s music visit his Spotify profile at https://open.spotify.com/artist/4OzqklYKynAnUUhlhHAd6B?si=OwiltjZzTROF-393qTyV7g

To take advantage of David’s offer be one of the first 5 people to send him an email to david@renaissancemessaging.com

To learn more about David and Renaissance Messaging by visiting https://www.renaissancemessaging.com/about/

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