Episode 108: Profitable Live Events Help Your Business To Thrive with Linda Cain

Episode 108: Profitable Live Events Help Your Business To Thrive with Linda Cain

For Episode 108 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Linda Cain. Linda has massive experience with both online and live events, planning domestically and internationally for over 25 years. She works with the “Who’s Who” in the transformation space. With her team, Linda creates repeatable 6 & 7 figure events for her clients. She also trains others on what it takes to have a successful, fun, entertaining, and educational event. 

When Linda’s not producing events, you will find her with her husband and family on the river, boating, jet ski, entertaining, and, raising Pomeranians!

Today will be a little longer than usual at 30 minutes because it is so packed with ideas for coaches, authors, speakers, and trainers to increase your profits.

In this episode, Rennie and Linda cover:

02:11 How Linda got her start in events and how she was there at Speak Your Way to Wealth one of the earlier old-fashioned pitch fests!

04:25 Linda describes how some of her clients use touring as part of their retreat events.

06:56 Linda’s favorite charity – The Unstoppable Foundation (https://unstoppablefoundation.org/) – what they do and how Linda and her team provide support to them.

10:15 The two types of clients that Linda and her team work with and how their approach differs between them.

14:03 What Linda considers her biggest failure and what she took from it to change her approach with her clients which has resulted in big success and a win-win for everyone.

17:22 How you can have a successful event even if you don’t have a huge audience.

18:25 Some of the common mistakes Linda witnesses her prospects making.

21:19 What Linda feels is the most important thing at an event – letting the attendees walk away with something done.

23:12 How to get Linda’s free guide – Profitable Events: The Complete Guide that breaks down the four kinds of events: retreats, live events, hybrid, and virtual events at https://lindacain.kartra.com/page/PromoOT

23:52 Linda shares with us the one strategy that anyone can do – having a VIP day.

‘What I’m really finding is that people… we’re tired of the fluff, we don’t need to go and listen to the latest speaker or listen to the latest thing. We want to get in and do some work. Let me walk away with something done.’Linda Cain

Get Linda’s free guide – Profitable Events: The Complete Guide at https://lindacain.kartra.com/page/PromoOT

To learn more about Linda visit https://www.eventsbybludiamond.com/#_31j0xwxol

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