Episode 106: Creating a Scalable and Sustainable Business with Danny Iny

Episode 106: Creating a Scalable and Sustainable Business with Danny Iny

For Episode 106 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Danny Iny. Danny is a best-selling author, sought-after business consultant, and highly regarded expert in online education and innovative business training. As a leading voice in the world of online courses, he has been featured or contributed to publications including the Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, and Business Insider.

Danny has also spoken at places like Yale University and Google. His many books include titles like Teach Your Gift, Leveraged Learning, and Effortless. Danny’s company Mirasee specializes in helping entrepreneurs create sustainable, profitable businesses that educate others. Many of their students build and sell an online course, while others educate via coaching, consulting, speaking, or writing..

In this episode, Rennie and Danny cover:

02:21 Why Danny thinks that business is a very misunderstood concept.

03:37 Danny’s favorite charity Pencils of Promise https://pencilsofpromise.org/ what they do and how he has been able to donate over six figures of revenue to them over the years. 

05:37 Why Danny’s ‘eyes being bigger than his stomach’ has led to his success, but also a few failures and why he feels that is a positive thing.

 07:14  An example of one of Danny’s failures and why he has no regrets and sees it as a plot twist in his life.

09:43 A couple of challenges that Danny helps his clients with – understanding that working in their zone of genius should not be hard and that running a business is its own area of expertise.

11:55 A case study of one of Danny’s clients and how he helped them transform their business from in-person to online and some of the challenges they faced together along the way.

15:41 Some free resources for you – visit mirasee.com, look for Mirasee on your favorite podcast app and search Amazon for Danny Iny’s books.

16:55 Danny shares what he sees holds people back from doing the things they need to do.

‘I have a belief that business is a very misunderstood concept. People imagine the business is about making money, often at any cost. And yes, there is a double entendre there – but I think it’s a very narrow view. The way I think about it, business is just about accomplishing – getting done whatever it is that you care about getting done in a way that is scalable and sustainable.’Danny Iny

Get tons of free resources at Mirasee visit https://mirasee.com

Listen to Danny on the Course Lab Podcast at https://mirasee.com/podcast/course-lab/

Get Danny’s books on Amazon.com at https://www.amazon.com/Danny-Iny/e/B006VY8GUA%3F

To learn more about Danny visit https://mirasee.com/about-us/

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