Episode 101: Freeing up Your Time with Mandi Ellefson

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 101

For Episode 101 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Mandi Ellefson. Mandi is the creator of the Scale to Freedom Scalable Service Growth™ model that allows consulting agency owners to spend less time in their business and have greater freedom, success, and profits. She has consulted with over a hundred consulting agency CEOs helping them immediately free up to 20-50% of their work week to focus on accelerating profits.

Mandi is a published author and host of The Hands-Off CEO Podcast. Her clients have grown to five figures of net profit every month, added millions of dollars in sales, and have exited the day-to-day business to scale growth. Some owners now passively manage their business or have even sold their companies.

In this episode, Rennie and Mandi cover:

01:57 How they know each other and how Rennie has helped Mandi and her husband personally.

02:33 What Mandi’s company “Hands Off CEO” does and how they help people not be a victim of their own success.

04:33 The charity Operation Underground Railroad and Mandi’s philosophy on supporting these types of organizations and why it is important to her business.

07:15 Who Mandi’s clients are – those who can no longer scale their business beyond where it is, even though they are successful.

09:31 Why Mandi feels she is good at failing and the story of what she considers her biggest failure.

12:38 The insight that Mandi received from working through her biggest failure and how it became Hands Off CEO.

15:29 An amazing case study of one of Mandi’s clients and how much time she was able to free up for them after working with her for a short time.

18:17 An example with this same client of the ripple effect and how he has been able to give back to his community.

20:22 Two offers from Mandi – To attend one of their executive briefings, you can go to handsoffceo.com/briefing. Or to download their Ultimate Roadmap to Scaling that will give you some really good tips for how to increase the cash flow in your company visit handsoffceo.com.

To attend one of Hands Off CEO’s Executive Briefings, register at handsoffceo.com/briefing.

To get the Ultimate Roadmap to Scaling visit handsoffceo.com.

To learn about Mandi visit https://www.handsoffceo.com/about/

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