Episode 97: Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Janet Fish

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 97

For Episode 97 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Janet Fish. Janet is a reformed corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, who has found her passion in coaching others. She helps her clients start or grow their businesses, make lots of money, and invest it for long-term growth and security.

Janet is the host of the Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast and author of the Amazon best-selling book Quit Your Day Job – 10 Steps to Finding Financial Freedom 2nd Edition. Known as a PAK, (Professional A** Kicker) Janet challenges her clients to get out of their own way and get into massive action using the 10-step process she’s developed while coaching over a thousand entrepreneurs in 16 countries.

In this episode, Rennie and Janet cover:

02:26 Who Janet’s clients are and why she loves what she does.

03:36 The two main charities that are important to Janet.

04:24 In building seven different businesses what Janet has found can happen if the timing is off.

05:56 The main lesson Janet learned from a land development project she was involved with in Mexico.

06:24 Why trying to do it alone is one of the biggest mistakes Janet sees entrepreneurs make and how having a coach can help.

08:04 The importance of seeking out people who can support us when we need it.

09:53 A case study of one of Janet’s clients, how she helped her simplify and multiply.

11:38 Why Janet feels email marketing is the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make and why she is so obsessed with it.

12:27 How to get access to her Email Marketing Masterclass for the first step in understanding the value of effective email marketing.

13:34 Janet shares some results on people who have taken her Masterclass and done exactly what she told them to.

To get access to Janet’s Email Marketing Masterclass where she shares best practices on how to maximize your email list visit https://breakawaybusinesscoaching.com/emailmasterclass/

To learn more about Janet visit https://breakawaybusinesscoaching.com/

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