Episode 95: Delegating the MORBID parts of your business with Beejel Parmar

Episode 95: Delegating the MORBID parts of your business with Beejel Parmar

For Episode 95 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Bejeel Parmar. Beejel has been advising businesses and entrepreneurs on the subjects of productivity and outsourcing to virtual assistants since 2009. His experience comes from helping grow a business to over 500 virtual assistants, and today his new company, BeeEPIC Outsourcing, boasts an incredible client retention track record.

Bejeel is also the co-founder of Productive Buzz, a Virtual Assistant supported pioneering priority planning, task calendar scheduling, task completion tracking and accountability program to help clients focus, prioritize, schedule tasks and check in daily to track what got done / did not get done.

In this episode, Rennie and Bejeel cover:

01:43 How Bejeel helps people delegate the MORBID parts of their business and what that acronym means.

03:28 Bejeel’s favorite causes and how his travels in India and Asia helped him discover them.

05:39 His biggest failure and the important lessons he learned from it.

08:27 How attempting to know everything can be one of the biggest detriments to your business.

09:22 Some of the biggest mistakes Bejeel sees his customers making.

09:59 One of Bejeel’s biggest success stories and how this customer improved her business through delegating.

11:53 How to get Beejel’s Outsourcing ROI guide at Bee Epic Outsourcing https://www.beeepicoutsourcing.com/beeepicoutsourcing-master

13:19 What is the number one thing you, as a business owner, can outsource tomorrow?

To download Beejel’s Outsourcing ROI Guide & Planner + FREE Video Training on how to use it visit https://www.beeepicoutsourcing.com/beeepicoutsourcing-master

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