Episode 89: Making an Irresistible Offer with Rob Goyette – Transcript

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 89

Rennie Gabriel  00:09
Hi, folks, welcome to Episode 89 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast. This is where we talk about money tips, techniques, attitudes, information and provide inspiration around your business and money. I'm your host, Rennie Gabriel. In past episodes, we spoke about how to understand the numbers from your business, how to measure the level of pleasure based on where you spend your money, how to track your money in 5 - 10 seconds, what determines how close you are to Complete Financial Choice®, and how to run your business without being in your business. Last week, we had Nina Cooke, speaking about how to create the mindset shifts that can transform your business and your wealth. And I know what she did for me and our guest today. Today, we have as our guest, Rob Goyette. Rob has been serving coaches since 2007. That's about 15 years, and over that time, he's built a multi six-figure business by building and nurturing an email list, then making irresistible offers to the people on that list. Rob lives with his wife and two sons in Puerto Rico. Rob, welcome to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast.

Rob Goyette  01:29
Thanks for having me, Rennie. I'm excited to be here.

Rennie Gabriel  01:32
Cool. Well, let's get right to it with some questions. 

Rob Goyette  01:35

Rennie Gabriel  01:36
I know what you do, and you do a great job at it, but let me have you tell me, not only what you do, but why you do it? 

Rob Goyette  01:44
Sure, so the short answer is that I help coaches with their marketing. So, life coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches, almost all coaches, I don't think I have any sports coaches, but I help most of the other coaches in the world that, yeah, those niches - we call them - with their marketing. And the reason that I do it? I suppose I fell in love with marketing first, and then got to know the coaching industry once I sort of had a handle on some marketing. And yeah, it's just a heart-centered audience. They really care about people. And they're oftentimes, they need some support with actually making enough money to sustainably run their business and build wealth.

Rennie Gabriel  02:28
Cool. Thank you, Rob, since I donate 100% of the profits from the work that I'm doing to a charity, tell me about a particular charity, you support. 

Rob Goyette  02:37
Well, Rennie, I think, all or most of the donations that I've made to charities, at least as far back as I can remember, or as far back as I've known you, I should say, has been Shelter to Soldier. I know that it's a cause that's really near and dear to your heart. And I'm not sure that I really have one. But I love you so much, Rennie. And I really, yeah, I really value what you're doing and how all the work that you do essentially goes toward this charity in your business and your coaching and your books and your speaking. And so, so it's just my pleasure to also contribute to that same charity that you believe in, because you've done so much for me over the years. And I really feel like we have a great relationship.

Rennie Gabriel  03:22
Thank you, Rob. And I agree, I think we have a great relationship as well. And I'm so appreciative of all the money you've donated to Shelter to Soldier. So now, let's talk about the sensitive stuff, like, what would you say your biggest failure was with money, whether it was personal or business? 

Rob Goyette  03:42
Sure. Yeah, I would say that once I went through your course and forgive me that I'm not going to get the title perfectly, but 9 Days to Financial Freedom. Is it close? 

Rennie Gabriel  03:52
Yeah, that's it. You nailed it.

Rob Goyette  03:54
That is it. Okay. Yeah, once I went through that, and shared that strategy of taking 20% of all the money that flows through our fingers and either paying off debt or investing it - yeah, that got me out of consumer debt that I've been in for over 20 years. And helped me actually build a multi six-figure net worth. So when we're talking about what did I fail to do? I'd say I failed to do that a lot earlier. And you know, I'd read The Richest Man in Babylon - I liked it. But I didn't really take action on any of those principles, at least not long-term. And if I had been doing this long-term, Rennie, I would have so much more wealth than I did today. And I think the answer for everyone, if they're not doing it yet, might be to consider start doing it today.

Rennie Gabriel  04:39
Yeah, that's absolutely correct. I couldn't encourage that any more than than you did because, you know, I talk about the cost of delay, and with as little as $300 a month, someone could lose $200,000 in investment earnings by delaying two years to pay off any credit card debt. 

Rob Goyette  05:02
Wow. That's incredible. 

Rennie Gabriel  05:04
So, thank you, Rob, for confirming what I talk about. And, yeah, I know it's worked so well for you. But let's talk about what the common mistakes that your prospects make, because you work mostly with coaches. When it comes to growing their business, what are their common mistakes? 

Rob Goyette  05:25
Well, I think a real common one is to go get trained, maybe certified as a coach, build a big website and just wait for clients to appear. I think that really, unfortunately, does not work very well, for a lot of coaches. And so, yeah, so I mean, they struggle with that. And so if I or others can show them ways to bring people into their world and build a relationship, which builds trust, and then make our irresistible coaching offers, that that's really a simple but very effective solution that most coaches benefit from.

Rennie Gabriel  06:02
Yeah, and I think the simplicity of that cannot be overlooked. Because things do not have to be complicated to work well. Simplicity works very well. And I know your clients get excited when they get to see how they're succeeding in business, as a result of following what you tell them. Give me an example, though, like a case study of something of someone who use one of your concepts like maybe the laser coaching strategy.

Rob Goyette  06:32
Sure, yeah, I'm best known for for the Laser Coaching model, which essentially is packaging up a year of coaching for these unlimited 15-minute calls. And essentially, the coach offers one low price for $997, and clients pay that and then can have as many coaching sessions with that coach as they like, as many 15-minute Laser Coaching sessions. There's a homework rule, which means that clients don't just fill up the calendar because they intend to have all these calls, they actually need to make progress along the way. But I'm really well known for that. And gosh, I've got a lot of success stories. One success story that comes to mind as far as how easy it is for a coach to sell this, is a guy named Dan Debreu, who really just emailed the offer out to six people, and all six people said yes to him. I've got other stories where people made $10,000 by sending out a few emails over three days. And, and so yeah, so I mean, there are a lot of those kinds of success stories. I myself, when I first rolled it out, I got over 50 one-on-one clients with it in my first year. So, yeah, it's an irresistible offer when it's packaged up right. And if you've got an audience of people who trust you, then I found that, yeah, they're very excited to sign up for a year of Laser Coaching.

Rennie Gabriel  07:46
Yeah, and I remember when I was in your mastermind, and I can't remember her name, but she decided to do it. And I think in the first week, she had 20 people sign up for it. And literally, she was overwhelmed by the response. She was thrilled with the money. And, you know, yeah, I've seen your clients who've taken advantage of this. It really works for them.

Rob Goyette  08:16
That was Tamara, and she went a little crazy. Yeah, I recommend only taking on eight clients at first and then slowly opening up more spots. But I think she got 25 clients, and actually had to shut off her three-day campaign, had to shut it off a day early. Because, yeah, people were still trying to get in. And so yeah, that, I actually use her testimonial in one of my webinars, because it's just so powerful. And speaking to the fact that if you have trust with your audience, and you can make them an irresistible offer, they will say yes.

Rennie Gabriel  08:49
Yeah, and you've got the testimonials to back all of this up. Well, let me ask you, do you have a free resource that you can direct people to that could further help them with their marketing? 

Rob Goyette  09:02
Sure, at my website, fastrevenuecoaching.com, there is a way you can opt in for a free report, which goes through that Laser Coaching model in a lot more detail. And maybe you're not a coach, and maybe you're not interested in the Laser Coaching, but doing that will get you on my email list where I share all sorts of marketing advice and strategies.

Rennie Gabriel  09:23
Yeah, and it's great. So I'm going to put the fastrevenuecoaching.com link in the show notes for people. They can just click on it.

Rob Goyette  09:32
And Rennie, if we can even use an affiliate link, just to be transparent. I'd love to know if anyone who was watching this actually took some action. And if anyone, of course buys something from me, I'd love to thank you by donating some money to Shelter to Soldier so that everybody wins.

Rennie Gabriel  09:49
Terrific. Okay, so I'll get an affiliate link from you later. And we'll put that in the show notes. And so that's a great way of letting people know if they click on the link and they buy something, I'll also get compensated for it, and that money will go to Shelter to Soldier. 

Rob Goyette  10:06
Yeah, so it's a way that your audience could actually donate to your charity indirectly, I suppose, because the money would go from them, to me, to you, to Shelter to Soldier. But, yeah, but the net effect is the same. So, it's a way that if your audience likes what I have to offer, they'll also know that they're doing a good thing through the charity that means so much to you.

Rennie Gabriel  10:25
Yeah. Thank you, Rob. Is there one question that I should have asked you that would also give great value to the people who are listening?

Rob Goyette  10:35
Well, I think so. And you and I may disagree here on, on what it is that I'd like to share. But hopefully, we agree that taxes are a big expense. 

Rob Goyette  10:45
Can we at least agree . . . I like to think that they're the biggest expense, maybe not, but I think in a lot of cases they are. And so, if you are a US citizen, and export your services, so that's me, I'm a US citizen, and I export services all over the world, and bring that money into wherever I'm living, Puerto Rico has something that's now called Act 60, where you end up paying only 4% Federal Tax instead of the 30 to 40%, with some some details in there, but essentially, I cut out almost entirely my largest expense in my life, which was making that quarterly tax payment to the federal government by moving to Puerto Rico. And I know that's not for everybody. It's not for you, Rennie. We've talked about it. But it is for me, and it is for a lot of people. And so if anyone watching this, would like to learn more about that they can Google the term Act 60, Puerto Rico, and just see if relocating to Puerto Rico might make sense. There's a website and I think it's called PRrelocate, or it might be prelocate, the PR is in there, somehow. But yeah, that site, that's the one that I use to figure out what I needed to do in order to move to Puerto Rico and sign up for the tax incentives here. But gosh, Rennie, once I did that, combined with all of your wealth-building strategies, you know, my debt was gone and my net worth started growing a lot faster. Well, it started growing at all. But one sort of side effect of not paying so much in taxes, for me anyway, is I felt a lot of the pressure go down that I needed to earn enough money. I was living month-to-month, and thanks to you, I stopped doing that as much, but still to a degree, living month-to-month. But when I knew that I didn't have to make those quarterly income tax payments, or at least not to the size that they were, that took the pressure off, and running my business became even more fun and easier. So, if anybody's not aware of Act 60, and it sounds like something you might want to explore . . . Yeah, I can tell you that I'm super happy with it so far. And I've been here for about two and a half years.

Rennie Gabriel  10:45

Rennie Gabriel  12:56
Yeah. And you did send that information to me. I did read it. And I said, 'Wow, this sounds great. And I have no intention of moving'. So . . . 

Rob Goyette  13:04
Right. Right. 

Rennie Gabriel  13:04
But there are, hey, I'm just this stuck-in-the-mud kind of guy. And there are other people who have no problem at all moving from country to country or anywhere on the globe. And that's just not me.

Rob Goyette  13:20
Yes, you've built a lifestyle and a net worth where you can live anywhere you darn well, please. And yeah, so I mean, kudos. And that's awesome. I don't know that we would live here if it wasn't for the tax incentives. Now, it's been an interesting adventure for sure, and living on a tropical island. But the main language here is Spanish. And so that's been challenging at times. There are potholes all over the roads. So I mean, yeah, there are certainly some disadvantages or challenges to living here. But in our opinion, anyway, yeah, the tax savings have totally made it worth it.

Rennie Gabriel  13:50
And I believe you. And, Rob, I want to thank you for who you are, how you've supported the charity that means so much to me, and I want to thank you for being on the show. 

Rob Goyette  14:02
Thank you, Rennie. I really appreciate you having me. It's been a fun discussion.

Rennie Gabriel  14:05
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