Episode 79: The Art of SEO with Stephan Spencer

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 79

For Episode 79 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Stephan Spencer. Stephan is an SEO expert, founder of the agency Netconcepts, and bestselling author. He has three books published by O’Reilly: The Art of SEO, Social eCommerce, & Google Power Search. 

Stephan has optimized the websites of some of the biggest brands in the world, including Chanel, Volvo, Sony, and Zappos. He hosts the podcasts Get Yourself Optimized and Marketing Speak. Let me say it this way, when I say he wrote the book on SEO, I mean he wrote the book that folks like Jay Abraham rely on.

In this episode Rennie and Stephan cover:

01:52 Stephan’s journey to creating the manual for SEO – ‘The Art of SEO’

03:12 How his SEO work helps others have a greater impact.

04:21 One of Stephan’s favorite charities the Impact Network (https://www.impactnetwork.org/) and how he supports them.

06:54 Stephan tells a vulnerable story about how his target market has changed.

09:06 His biggest “failure” and what he learned from that.

12:51 Some of the most common mistakes Stephan’s sees relating to SEO.

15:38 Stephan’s advice about what to do when you get that solicitation stating that a company can get you to rank #1 on google.

17:11 The SEO BS Detector and how to get it.

18:13 How to get Stephan’s SEO Hiring blueprint to help you hire a good, qualified SEO expert.

18:53 The self-help book that Stephan is currently working on – Living in a Friendly Universe.

Get The SEO BS Detector and the SEO Hiring Blueprint at https://www.stephanspencer.com/resources/#GUIDES

More About Stephan

Stephan Spencer is an internationally recognized SEO expert, internet entrepreneur, consultant, and professional speaker. He has keynoted and spoken at hundreds of conferences including American Marketing Association (AMA), Shop.org, Internet Retailer, IRCE, and PubCon. He contributes to a number of marketing journals and blogs, including Search Engine Land, CNET, and more. He currently hosts the Marketing Speak and Get Yourself Optimized podcasts, both of which have appeared in the iTunes New and Noteworthy. 

To learn more visit https://www.stephanspencer.com

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