Episode 78: Taking Control of Your Financial Future with Jeff Mount

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 78

For Episode 78 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, Rennie is joined by Jeff Mount. Jeff is a columnist for various publications, host of the Dynamic Mapping podcast, public speaker and President/CEO of Real Intelligence LLC.

After spending 25 years in the financial services business helping financial advisors improve productivity, Jeff and his business partner, Mike Helgesen, are bringing an innovative method of financial planning that can help anyone find their unique path to financial freedom. This method is fast, intuitive, metaphorically visual, and dynamic.

In this episode Rennie and Jeff cover:

01:51 Jeff’s background in the Financial Services Business as a Wholesaler and how he found the process overly complicated and ineffective.

04:31 Jeff’s favorite charity – Junior Achievement and how he feels aligned with their three mantras.

05:31 Jeff’s target market and approach and the pivot that the pandemic created to make his offering what it is today.

07:21 How his company is targeting corporate America to help with their long time need for a financial wellness initiative.

09:55 What they have learned by looking at who is using their app.

11:45 The main benefit, or outcome that people who use the Dynamic Mapping app will end up achieving and how.

15:43 How to get the free app, access to the podcast and other resources on their website at https://realintelligence360.com/

16:54 Jeff’s opinion on whether you need a financial advisor and how you can get one trained in his method.

More About Jeff

Jeff Mount spent twenty-five years in the financial services business and attained numerous awards including “Innovator of the Year.” Jeff has been published in many popular financial media outlets including “Global Banking and Finance,” “Forbes,” “Best Company,” “FinTec Buzz,” and is a monthly columnist with “Newsmax Finance.” 

As President of Real Intelligence LLC, Jeff has been disrupting the financial planning community by introducing a financial planning experience that is so intuitive, advisors can engage in strategic conversations in just minutes with investors. Do-it-yourself investors will also appreciate the Dynamic Map tool to help them set realistic goals for each of life’s major expenses. The “Dynamic Map” is a free download from either the Apple store or Google Play and is introduced during his keynote and workshop presentations. The combination of this tool and a Dynamic Map approach to strategy and investing can help families achieve financial independence and/or pursue their family purpose.

To learn more visit https://realintelligence360.com/

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