Episode 46: Manufacturing Financial Freedom with Jackson Millan, The Wealth Mentor

In Episode 46 of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast Rennie is joined by Jackson Millan, also known as The Wealth Mentor. Jackson has spent the last 14 years helping service businesses understand the language of money and manufacture financial freedom for themselves and their families.

He has successfully helped over 1,000 clients build in excess of $1.4 billion in combined wealth and has scaled multiple 7 figure businesses. He is a master of helping business owners make money work for them and turn their business profit into personal wealth.

In this episode Rennie and Jackson cover:

  • Why Jackson changed from being a Financial Advisor to being a Wealth Coach
  • Jackson’s favorite charities.
  • The big challenge Jackson sees for those in a service-based business.
  • Jackson’s biggest failure and what he learned about himself from it.
  • A great client success story – IS Joinery
  • The biggest mistakes that business owners make when it comes to achieving financial freedom.

About Jackson Millan

Jackson Millan, also known as The Wealth Mentor is an award winning entrepreneur and wealth coach.

Jackson has spent the last 12 years dominating the wealth and business strategy space having worked with over 1,000 clients to help them build over $1.2b in combined wealth. Jackson has personally scaled multiple 7 figure businesses and has helped many of his clients do the same.

Jackson hosts two invitation only business mastery programs for high performance business owners. In his programs, he shares time-tested strategies to help business owners create a lifestyle business that creates more profit, more cash-flow, generate more personal wealth and create more free time to live life on their own terms.

For Jackson’s 40-point Aureus Business Performance Scorecard visit:

To learn more about Jackson visit www.aureusfinancial.com.au

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