Episode 40: Straight to the C-Suite with Dan King

Wealth On Any Income Podcast Episode 40

In Episode 40, Rennie interviews Dan King who is a former big firm and Shark Tank corporate attorney turned executive coach and business growth strategist. He’s the co-founder of Fireside Strategic which helps businesses grow by building warm connections with the C-Suite and other hard-to-reach leaders.

Dan is a big believer that your network equals your net-worth. Visit his website to learn a natural, easy way to connect with the C-Suite or other senior leaders for your business, for your life, or for your growth.

In this episode Rennie and Dan cover:

  • From Shark Tank to the C-Suite (Social Mobility)
  • Defining C-Suite
  • Venture for Canada – supporting young entrepreneurs
  • Choosing a career  based on understanding yourself
  • Fear is the biggest challenge

About Dan King

Dan is a tennis and meditation-loving lawyer turned business growth strategist and executive coach, with a gift for challenging but warm conversation. Dan has helped leaders understand and realize their potential, successfully transition careers, and augment their sales capabilities. He has worked with a Shark on the Shark Tank TV show, senior politicians, US army officers, and CEOs. Previously, Dan was a corporate lawyer. He realized he cared more about his clients’ leadership and human challenges than their legal challenges so he entered the coaching industry. Dan built and sold a coaching company serving the legal industry. He studied Psychology at Columbia University and Law at McGill University. He is a world traveler and veteran of 2 extreme auto races, driving a Fiat from London to Mongolia and a rickshaw the length of India.

For more information visit: https://www.firesidestrategic.com/sttcs

You can reach Dan at dan@firesidestrategic.com

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