Episode 1: Welcome to the Wealth On Any Income Podcast – Transcript

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Welcome to the first episode of the Wealth On Any Income Podcast, where you'll learn about money in 15 minutes or less.

I'm your host Rennie Gabriel.

Are you aware that 90% of the population has been taught nothing about the basics of handling money effectively? Guess what? That creates doubt, struggle. and debt.

Parents can't teach what they don't know, and teachers can't teach what they've never learned. It gets worse - neither CPAs or Certified Financial Planners® have been taught the basics of budgeting and how to coach their clients on this basic financial practice of cash flow planning and forecasting. 

Our society does not value a financial education. Just look at how Hollywood movies and TV shows portray the poor as the kind and noble - and the wealthiest as heartless and greedy. Even books, fairy tales, and the scripture, paint the same picture.

Pay attention to what you see and read and you'll see what I mean.

Each week, join me - and an occasional guest - for information and inspiration that can transform your financial life. I've gone from broke at age 50, to multi-millionaire in eight years.  In a short, fast-paced structure with occasional interviews, you'll hear stories of recovery, psychology, mindset, inspiration, and tools to create Complete Financial Choice™.

This is where you can choose to work instead of having to work. 

Now I get to donate 100% of the profits from my books, programs and coaching to charity. You'll learn the secrets of the wealthy, how to create wealth on any income, how couples can work together and have safe money conversations, and you'll discover the attitudes that can transform your financial and personal life.

If you're a business owner, coach, speaker, author, healer, professional, or another podcaster and you've been struggling with debt or want to supercharge your path to retirement and create Complete Financial Choice™, this is the podcast for you. My goal is to create more philanthropists.

Please tune in each week wherever you get your podcasts and please rate, review and subscribe.

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