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We Want to Earn Your Trust

Our goal is to help thousands of people, just like you, to achieve financial independence. Without developing trust, we will not be able to achieve this goal. 

The graphic below illustrates what must transpire between two parties for trust to be built. The value received for something must match or exceed the value that is given for something.

This, in essence, describes a mutually beneficial exchange. If these types of exchanges were the norm in our society, there would be very few challenges we could not overcome both individually, as well as collectively.

There Is Always Some Level of Risk

If you could be sure that the benefits you would receive from doing something, or paying for something, would match or exceed your expectation. You would likely do it, right! However, because there is always a risk factor in every exchange you can never be 100% sure. That's just life. But, there are ways to start off carefully in order to mitigate risk, and that is what we are inviting you to do if you are interested in learning more about us.

If we provide something to you at no financial cost, and you feel the benefit you received from the time you invested to check it out was worth it, then that starts the trust building process. And that is what we would like to do for you. Through browsing our site, you will learn that we offer programs, courses that we are sure you will receive a higher value from, than what you will pay for them. But we feel if this is your first visit to our site, it may be too early for you to purchase a program, even though they are 100% guaranteed.

So we suggest you start by checking out Rennie's TEDx talk. It's only 14 minutes, and it will provide you with key information in your decision to further check us out. The main message of Rennie's Talk is the change that happened in him, and that can happen in you, when you Build Wealth With Purpose.

In Rennie’s TEDx Talk you will discover how:

  • Good people, like you, can donate to the causes that touch your heart, make a bigger impact in your community, and transform the world – when you create more personal wealth.
  • You get mixed messages about being wealthy from Hollywood, fairy tales and even scripture.
  • You can create financial prosperity when you understand the three secrets of the wealthy. After you see the 16 minute video they will no longer be secrets!

Below the video, you will have an opportunity to download our Build Wealth With Purpose Road Map which will further increase your awareness of the little know practical "secrets", that when followed, lead to financial abundance.

For every "Like" Rennie will donate $1 to the charity Shelter to Soldier. Help us achieve our goal of $10,000!

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