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“3 Ways to Spend Your Way to Wealth & Abundance”

Thu Feb 25 at 6:00pm Pacific

A message from Rennie

I am really excited to have you on the line for a high-level 60 min training where you will see 3 Ways to Spend Your Way to Wealth & Abundance.

 Now, every time I do one of these live trainings, they fill up quickly so it’s important that you reserve the date - get it in your calendar and set the time aside. I just sent you an email with all of your registration information and you can click in the upper right hand corner of this page to print this page or you’ll see an Add To Calendar button to add this event to your iCalendar, your Outlook Calendar or your Google Calendar to make sure you make it to the training.

Now, this training event is going to be different from any training event you’ve ever been on. I am very interactive and I want to provide you with the most value possible. So in the email I just sent, I ask if you have any questions, any comments, anything that you would like support on how to handle your money, please just shoot me a reply with all of your questions and I’ll be able to support you live and in person in that training. 

Also, I’m doing something special for this event where I’m going to be on the line 15 min early to connect with you, to answer any questions you may have, to make sure you’re in the right space, with the right questions, and to be sure your connection works to really apply this deep content.

So go ahead, put this in your calendar, shoot me an email with any questions that you have, and be sure to come to the training early to ensure you get a spot, and then stick around for some additional complimentary support.

I look forward to seeing you there.