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Video Transcript - Dr. Saida Desliets

Hi. I am Dr. Saida Desilets and I am thrilled to talk to you just for a moment about my good friend, Rennie. I adore Rennie. Rennie is amazing. I had the opportunity to spend real live time with Rennie; I’ve done his online course; I’ve read his book; I’ve had some one-on-one coaching.

He’s an amazing human being and he’s an incredible wealth coach. Here’s why: He actually walks his talk. Everything Rennie puts out into the world comes from a very generous place, but not only that, an embodied place. And this is important to me: I don’t want to learn about wealth from people who are not wealthy. And I don’t want to learn about wealth from people who were actually born wealthy, because I want to learn how from the person who did it from nothing to wealth, like amazing.

Yes, so that was my interest in Rennie. I’ve loved every moment I’ve ever spent with him, and will continue to love those moments because he is constantly in my life and constantly a great source of inspiration for me.

So if you’re feeling in your heart that you would love more guidance on wealth, more guidance on your finances, from a very practical, do-it-now, get results way, then definitely invest in whatever it is that Rennie is offering today because it is going to serve you in tremendous ways.


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